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Real Name
First Appearance
Diabolik #196201 - Il re del terrore (November, 1962) [despite the numbering, this is the first issue]
Angela Guisanni, Luciana Guisanni
Team Affliation
Base of Operations
Skills and Abilities
Criminal Expertise, Scientific Expertise, Pilot Expertise, Peak Physical Condition
Tools and Weapons

Diabolik is an Italian comic book antihero and thief.


Survived a shipwreck as a child and raised to learn a number of criminal skills, Diabolik has dedicated his life to being a master thief with his targets being other criminals.


Nothing is known about who Diabolik's parents are or what his real name is, even to Diabolik himself.  Raised on the secret island hideout of a notorious criminal group, Diabolik learned all sorts of criminal skills, most notably how to become a master of disguise.  He was personally trained by their leader, the man known only as King.  As he grew up, he later murdered King (who had intended to murder Diabolik) and took his name from the native jaguar of the island that the same criminal master murdered.

Soon, he made a career out for himself as an unrepentant villain, before changed his modus operandi and focusing more on stealing from criminals and villains.  At some point he recruited a woman named Eva Kant as his assistant and lover, with the two forming a strong bond of trust and a mutual love of thrilling criminal behaviour.  Diabolik then took up residence in the town of Clerville, which is comparable to Geneva, Switzerland.

As a professional thief, Diabolik's main opponent is the Inspector Ginko, a police officer who Diabolik must constantly outwit.  Diabolik, for a time, also had a lover in a woman named Elisabeth Gay, who eventually went insane and targeted Diabolik along with her new lover, psychiatrist Doctor Alberto Floriani.