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Dinah Soar was a superheroine in the Marvel Universe and was a member of the Great Lakes Avengers. Dinah Soar was born in the Savage Land. Her lineage is never revealed and it is unknown if she was actually a mutant or of alien descent.

Because she never spoke English, her background remains entirely unknown, but she became a founding member of the Great Lakes Avengers when Mr. Immortal first assembled the team. She is shown utilizing the ability to calm Mr. Immortal when he becomes overwhelmed with stress and rage after he returns to life.[3] When they discovered that they were soulmates, the two became romantically involved.

She was first seen in public with the team by Hawkeye and Mockingbird, who later agreed to become their mentors. With the team, she helped Hawkeye and the West Coast Avengers against "That Which Endures." They also assisted Mockingbird in a holding action against Terminus. After aiding the Thunderbolts against the villain Graviton, the team clashed with the mercenary Deadpool.

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