Doc Samson

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Real Name
Dr. Leonard "Leo" Samson
First Appearance
Incredible Hulk (Vol. 1) #141 (July, 1971)
Roy Thomas, Herb Trimpe
Team Affliations
Dr. Leonard "Leo" Skivorski Jr. (Birth name), Samson
Base of Operations
Superhuman strength, stamina, durability and resistance to injury, Great leaping ability, Immunity to Earthly diseases, Resistance to telepathy
Skills and Abilities
Genius psychiatrist, Highly skilled hand to hand combatant, Skilled theoretical technician and inventor
Tools and Weapons

Doc Samson is a superhero in the Marvel Universe and is a psychiatrist to many superheroes including The Hulk and She-Hulk.

Origin[edit | edit source]

A professional psychiatrist, Dr. Leonard Samson was exposed to the same radiation that made Bruce Banner become the Hulk and gained super-strength from it, using both his powers to help others and his psychiatrist abilities to help his fellow heroes.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Youth[edit | edit source]

Leonard Skiverski Jr. was the son of prominent psychiatrist Leonard Skiverski (Leonard Jr.'s mother has yet to be revealed).  Leonard loved his father, but was worried that his father's reputation of being showy might hurt his ambitions of being a truly great and respected psychiatrist.  He changed his last name to Samson, based on his own father's nickname in reference to his long hair, when he began his career.  In addition to becoming a great psychiatrist, he also earned a MD and PhD.

The Power of Samson[edit | edit source]

When Betty Ross, love interest to Bruce Banner and daughter of General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross, received a blood transfusion from the supervillain the Sandman, her body became crystalized due to his mutated physiology.  When Leonard Samson learned of this, he approached Ross with a solution; he had technicians devise a special cathexis projector ray which would both cure better and Bruce Banner of turning into the Hulk.  Banner willingly participated to save Betty and the process returned Betty to her normal form.

The cathexis ray worked, transferring some of Banner's psionic energy to Betty, returning her to normal, while it also retained a large amount of the psionic energy.  To satisfy his curiosity, and out of a desire to gain super-powers himself (which was, in fact, his intention for involving himself with the Hulk), Samson intentionally irradiated himself with the psionic gamma energy, growing large and strong, with his hair turning from brown to green. With his newfound power, he began a career as a superhero and also began romancing Betty Banner.  Jealous, Bruce snuck into where he kept the gamma energy and turned himself back into the Hulk and went to find and beat Samson.  Though Samson did end up being defeated by the Hulk, the Hulk felt the taste of defeat himself when Betty called for Samson's name out of concern, which caused the Hulk to retreat and leave Samson in Betty's care.

The Hulk's Friend?[edit | edit source]

Following his defeat, Samson learned more about his powers, namely that his strength was actually proportional to the length of his hair.  Samson offered to help General Ross, Betty Ross and Major Talbot when Bruce Banner ended up being captured by Doom.  Samson continued to hang around Ross and was present during the Leader's plot to replace significant world figures with robots. During the adventure, Samson was bombarded with gamma rays which, surprisingly, lost him his super powers.

Media[edit | edit source]

Appears in incredible Hulk cartoon and Incredible Hulk movie

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