Doctor Fate is the name of several superheroes who housed the spirit Nabu in the DC Universe.

Kent NelsonEdit

Doctor Fate

Dr fate male version

Real Name
Kent Nelson
First Appearance
More Fun Comics #55 (May, 1940)
Gardner Fox, Howard Sherman
Team Affliations
All-Star Squadron, Justice Society of America, Justice League International, Black Lantern Corps
Base of Operations
Tower of Fate, Salem, Massachusetts
Magic, Immortality, Invulnerability, Telekinesis, Levitation, Telepathic, Flight
Skills and Abilities
Archaeology Expertise, Hand-to-Hand Combat Experience, Occult Expertise, Medicine
Tools and Weapons
Helmet of Fate

Kent Nelson was the first superhero in modern times to take on the name of Doctor Fate.


When Kent Nelson's father died in the tomb of the Egyptian wizard Nabu, who took pity on Kent and raised him as his apprentice to become the Sorcerer Supreme and Lord of Order, Doctor Fate.


Kent Nelson was born the son of Sven Nelson and an unnamed mother. In 1920, a young Kent Nelson accompanied his archaeologist father Sven on an expedition to the Valley of Ur in Mesapotamia. Kent opened the tomb of the ancient Egyptian wizard Nabu, releasing a poisonous gas which killed his father. Nabu, who reveals that he was an alien entity from the planet Cilia took pity on Kent and taught him the "secrets of the universe". He raised the boy into manhood and gave him a helmet, amulet, and cloak, which he hoped he would use to protect the good and vanquish evil. In 1940, Kent met Inza Cramer at Alexandria, Egypt on his way back to the United States. When he arrived in the United States, he began a career fighting crime and supernatural evil as Doctor Fate. In his first adventure, he fought and seemingly killed the sorcerer Wotan, who threatened him and Inza through a human agent.

Soon after defeating Wotan, Fate decided to use his powers to travel to the underworld to learn his fate.

Following this, Doctor Fate fought many other villains alongside Inza such as Magno the Mighty, the Norns and evil space invaders as well as gaining supervillain opponents such as the mad sorceror Karkull, the chemist Mister Who, crime boss The Clock and con man the Red Sage.  Nelson, deciding fighting threats with his magic wasn't doing enough good, became a real medical doctor to save more lives.  Soon after Kent and Inza became engaged and became closer than ever.

Eventually, he went onto meet other heroes and co-founded the superhero team The Justice Society of America.

In 1942, Kent loses the helmet, but retains some magical powers and later becomes a physician. Kent enlists in the army and becomes a paratrooper in WWII. He resigns from the JSA in 1944 and becomes an archaeologist.

Kent returns to crime fighting when the Justice Society reforms, again using the helmet, sometime later he joins the Justice League (JLA). Soon after, Kent and his wife Inza pass away from old age when the magic they use to stay young fails. During the Blackest Night legendary event Kent is raised from the dead and becomes member of the Black Lantern Corps but just in Blackest Night after that he returns to his well deserve rest.

After Kent's death, Nabu chooses Eric Strauss and his stepmother Linda to be the next Doctor Fate and when Fate is needed, Eric and Linda merge into one being. And to help them, he posses Kent's corpse to advise them. Eric is killed on Apokalips during a battle with Desaad, forcing Linda to become Doctor Fate on her own. Linda is killed soon after by the Lords of Chaos.

Then the Nelsons are reincarnated but Kent no longer uses the Helmet. Later on Inza passed away leaving Kent alone, but years later he befriends the android Red Tornado. In the times of the Young Justice, he was kidnapped and Red sent them to rescue him and in the fight Kid Flash puts on the helmet and saves the day but Kent passes away and his conscious lives in the helmet for a few months.

Later on when the adult superheroes and underaged superheroes are separated, Zatanna, daughter of Zatara puts on the helmet but Nabu doesn't want to let go of her body so her father sacrifices himself and he becomes Doctor Fate.

Because the thing is with being the "good" doctor he takes control of your body and he doesn't let you do the things you would normally do.

TV ShowsEdit

He appeared in Young Justice, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, and Batman: Brave and the Bold.


  • Spellcasting
  • Flight
  • Super Strength
  • Telekinesis
  • Fire and Lighting Manipulation
  • Telepathy
  • Can Counteract Spells That Have Already Been Cast
  • Can Conjure Force Fields
  • Magical Shields of His Symbol
  • Can Travel Through the Multiverse
  • Create Dimensions
  • Levitation
  • Mastery of the Mystic Arts
  • Wields the Helmet, Cloak, Amulet, Mystic Talismans and the Mantle of Nabu
  • High Resistance to Magical Forces
  • Can Create Golden Constructs
  • Create Energy Blasts in the Shape of his Symbol, the Ankh
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