Dr. Manhattan


Real Name
Jon Osterman
First Appearance
Watchmen #1 (September, 1986)
Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons
Team Affliations
Crime Busters, Watchmen [In the film only, in the original comic, there is no team called the Watchmen]
Base of Operations
New York City
Total Control of Molecules, Teleportation, Precognition, Size Control
Skills and Abilities
Nuclear Scientist, Super Genius Level Intellect
Tools and Weapons

Dr. Manhattan is a superhero from the comic book Watchmen and is the only character in the series to have actual superpowers.


When Jon Osterman was trapped in a intrinsic field test chamber, he was seemingly destroyed, only to be slowly reborn as a god-like being afterwards.



Born August 14, 1929, Jon Osterman was raised by his father, a watchmaker and was interested in following in his footsteps. However, when America dropped the bomb on Hiroshima, his father pushed his son to become a physicist, believing that his work was now obsolete (due to the proof of the theory of relativity) and throwing out all of his tools and pieces out Jon's window. Jon followed his father's advice, studying physics and eventually spending 10 years in Harvard University (1948-1958) while earning a Ph.D. in physics.

In early 1959, Jon Osterman accepted a position in a Gila Flats research base to assist with a study involving the intrinsic fields of physical objects that will disintegrate said objects if tampered with. It is here that he met Janey Slater, another researcher at the facility and the two fell in love and became lovers. In July of that year, Jon and Janey, visiting New Jersey, go to an amusement park where a large man accidentally steps on Janey's watch after it falls to the ground when the watchband breaks. Jon promises to fix the watch and that night the two make love, a memory that Jon later considers among his most significant.

On August 20th of that year, Jon attempted to return the newly fixed watch to Janey, only to remember that he left it in his coat that he left inside the intrinsic field test chamber. When Jon retrieved it, he was accidentally locked in and while other workers attempted to turn off the machine and get him out, he was completely vaporized and seemingly killed.  Weeks later, strange phenomenon began, including the sighting of a disembodied blue brain and nervous system.  In fact this was Jon, transformed into a new sort of high-powered entity, trying to build a body for his free-floating consciousness.



Dr. Manhattan on Mars

His power is to control matter (anything and everything around you) and because of this power he can change his size, fly, turn any thing in to any thing else, go through walls, teleportation, multiply himself and objects, and he will not age. He can also see any point in time and space but this power can stopped by big nuclear explosions in a global scale. And he does not need to breath.

Doctor Manhattan (Movie)

Dr. Manhattan


Dr manhattan over 50ft tall

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