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Doctor Strange is a superhero in the Marvel Universe and is the Sorcerer Supreme, the second most powerful sorcerer of this universe, under the Scarlet Witch or Wanda Maximoff


An arrogant but brilliant surgeon, Doctor Stephen Strange's career ended the night his hands were damaged in a car accident. Hoping to be healed, Strange sought out cures, eventually seeking out the mystic the Ancient One. The Ancient One promised to heal him if he used his hands to become his disciple. He eventually accepted, becoming this world's Sorcerer Supreme.


Stephen Strange was born to Eugene and Beverly Strange in November of 1930 (though with the reworking of reality following the Secret Wars, this has likely changed) in the city of Philadelphia. He was raised in a farm in Nebraska along with his little sister Donna and little brother Victor. The sorcerer, Karl Mordo, learned that Strange was destined to become Sorcerer Supreme rather than him and attempted to set demons on him on multiple occasions, though these plans were always undone by Mordo's mentor, the mystic known as the Ancient One. When Strange was eleven, he aided his sister Donna, which Strange feels inspired his interest in medicine.

Movies and TV Shows[]

Some episodes of Ultimate Spider Man. An animated movie: Doctor Strange, and a new movie where the actor Benedict Cumberbatch is going to be the doctor. And Spider-Man and his Friends.

Powers and Abilities[]

Knows martial arts, sword fighting, can conjure his sword out of nowhere, energy blasts, can use enemy's magic to his favor, and he is a Sorcerer Supreme.