Doll Man is the name of several superheroes in the DC Universe that was originally created by Quality Comics before being acquired by DC.

Darrel DaneEdit

Doll Man

Doll Man

Real Name
Darrel Dane
First Appearance
Feature Comics #27 (December, 1939)
Will Eisner
Team Affliations
All-Star Squadron, The Freedom Fighters
The World's Mightiest Mite
Base of Operations
Ability to shrink to six inches in height and retain full-size strength
Skills and Abilities
Superb athlete and hand to hand combatant, Brilliant Scientist
Tools and Weapons

Darrel Dane was the first superhero to take on the name Doll Man


Darrel Dane was a research chemist who managed to invent a formula that can shrink him to a height of 6 inches while allowing to retain the physical strength proportional to a full grown man, which he used to fight crime as Doll Man.


Quality UniverseEdit

Not much is revealed of the early years of Darrel Dane. What is known is that he was a brilliant research chemist who had discovered a method to allow a man to shrink to six inches in height and restore his size. When his girlfriend, Martha Roberts and her father Professor Roberts were threatened by a mysterious blackmailer, Darrel used his newfound abilities to save them and stop the criminal. Darrel then decided to fight crime as Doll Man and was later joined by his girlfriend Midge, who became Doll Girl.

DC Universe Earth-Two/Earth-XEdit

Though the Darrel Dane of Earth-Two is from another continuity than the original, it is assumed their backgrounds are nearly (if not wholly) identical. As the superhero Doll Man, he ended up teaming up with the superhero Midnight in the summer of 1941 in order to trail a mysterious figure named Uncle Sam. The two arrived just in time to see Uncle Sam and a team of superheroes called the Freedom Fighters disappear through a mysterious portal and followed them. They found themselves on Earth-X, an Earth like our own except the Axis powers won World War II.

Soon, they joined Uncle Sam, who had created a resistance called the Freedom Fighters to wage was against the Nazis.

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