Real Name
First Appearance
Showcase #79 (December, 1968)
Jay Scott Pike
Team Affliations
The Forgotten Heroes, The Black Lantern Corps.
Base of Operations
The Ocean (Nomadic)
artificially adapted for deep subaquatic life, underwater breathing, super strength, resilience to deep water pressures
Skills and Abilities
Experienced in Hand-to-Hand Aquatic Combat

Dolphin is an aquatic superheroine in the DC Universe.


A young nameless girl, experimented on by aliens after falling overboard on a cruise ship, gained the power to breathe underwater and became the aquatic heroine Dolphin.


Early YearsEdit

When she was a young girl, the woman who would be known as Dolphin was on a cruise ship when she fell off, only to be saved by alien visitors. They experimented on her and gave her gills, webbed fingers and toes, resilience to the depths, a slow aging process, and shining white hair. Afterwards, she was freed by an man from Atlantis named Kordax, who was also experimented on by the mysterious aliens. She then began living in the wreckage of the USS Arabesque, until she was discovered by two US Navy divers. They brought her on board their ship and named her Dolphin, but she soon left the ship once she realized she could survive outside of water.

Years later, she reappeared to join a superhero team called the Forgotten Heroes, made up of herself, Animal Man, Immortal Man, Congo Bill, Rick Flag, and Cave Carson to foil a plot by the villain Vandal Savage. After defeating Savage, the team remained together for a time before the team drifted apart.

Ally of AquamanEdit

No longer part of any team, Dolphin traveled the seas, fighting injustice and helping heroes such as Aquaman and Animal Man. She was also present for the fight against Charybdis (a villain obsessed with Dolphin and Aquaman's powers), which cost Aquaman his hand. After that battle, Dolphin spent more time assisting Aquaman and eventually started a relationship with him

Later, Kordax returned and manipulated Dolphin's mind in an effort assassinate Aquaman to take control of the throne of Atlantis. Dolphin was able to break control of the mind control and with Aquaman defeated Kordax. Unfortunately, soon after, Aquaman went through some physical and emotional changes that put a strain on the relationship between the two. The relationship finally ended when Mera, Aquaman's wife, returned after years of being exiled to a netherworld.

Marriage to TempestEdit

Soon, Dolphin ended up in a relationship with Aquaman's former sidekick Garth, now calling himself Tempest, who reappeared in Atlantis after years of studying extradimensional magic and becoming a powerful sorcerer. Initially Aquaman was shocked by his former girlfriend dating his former sidekick but soon he understood and became supportive of their relationship. Eventually, Dolphin became pregnant with Tempest's child and the two decided to marry in what became a grand event in Atlantis that was attended by the Titans, a superteam that Tempest considered his second family.

Soon, Dolphin gave birth to her and Tempest's son (given the name Cerdian by Aquaman as a goodwill gesture to Cerdia, a nation that had recently fallen under Atlantean control). Not long after, tensions increased between Dolphin and Tempest when Tempest found himself balancing his life between family, assisting Aquaman and his home life. In an attempt to rectify this, Dolphin, Cerdian, and Tempest moved into the Titans Tower (the Titans headquarters), but later things got worse for their relationship when Titans Tower was destroyed by the Titans enemies and Tempest had to fight an addiction to a dangerous drug during a mission.

Worrying for Tempest's safety, she asked him to retire from the Titans to focus on family life and Tempest agreed. Soon, the family moved to New Atlantis, where the couple soon found themselves under arrest after being greeted with suspicions by the rulers of New Atlantis. Tempest soon escaped and sought the help of Aquaman, who helped the family earn back their freedom. While this looked like a happy ending for the couple, it was not long after that New Atlantis was attacked by the cosmic entity known as the Spectre, who destroyed the city, believing that any source of magic is a source of evil. Dolphin died in the attack, though her body was never found in the rubble, despite the attempts by Atlanteans to locate it.

Black LanternEdit

Later, Dolphin was resurrected as a monstrous, evil zombie by the death god Nekron and participated in the murder of her former husband Tempest. Dolphin, with several other Black Lanterns, attacked the Teen Titans, but were destroyed by the superheroine Dove and her white light powers, which were connected to the power entities The Lords of Order.


  • Following the Rebirth of the DC Universe, wherein the timeline was rewritten, and Dolphin's previous appearances seem to have never occurred in the new timeline.

Following the "rebirth" of the universe, Dolphin reappeared in the timeline, having seemingly never died nor having met Aquaman and his friends prior.  Her past is currently unknown.  Dolphin was first seen protecting people from the slums of Atlantis from the forces of Corum Rath, the usurper of Atlantis' throne.  Dolphin was soon rescued by Aquaman and the two decided to team up against Corum.  While Dolphin and Aquaman hid from the enemy with her outcast friends, Atlantean criminal Krush sent his top enforcer, Kadaver, to capture Aquaman and Dolphin and in the process murdered all of Dolphin's friends.


Dolphin's body had been altered genetically, which gifted her with a number of super-powers, most related to aquatic adaptation.

Aquatic Adaptation - Dolphin's body was transformed so that she was capable to living underwater. This includes the ability to withstand deep water pressures, cold water temperatures, and most other physical impediments that would make living underwater impossible for normal humans.

Underwater Breathing - The most pronounced aspect of Dolphin's aquatic adaptation is her ability to breath underwater, being able to remain submerged indefinitely.

Super Strength - Dolphin's strength has been increased after being experimented upon, giving her strength greater than that of the average human.

Superhuman Endurance - Dolphin's body, which has been modified to endure deep water pressures, is much more resiliant than a regular human body.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Dolphin isn't a trained fighter, but her experience fighting to save herself and others have made her quite formidable.

Alternate VersionsEdit

  • Dolphin makes a brief appearance in Aquaman's kingdom in Kingdom Come.
  • Dolphin makes a brief appearance in the Elseworld story JLA: The Nail.
  • Dolphin appeared in the comic book JLA: Created Equal as a member of the Justice League.