Dragon Man is an artificial lifeform in the Marvel Universe and is usually used as an enforcer against superheroes. Dragon Man is an android built by Professor Gregson Gilbert of Empire State University as an experiment. Gregson hoped to find a way to bring it to life. He could not find a way to do this until the alchemist Diablo arrived and brought it to life under his partial control using his supernatural powers. However, Dragon Man broke his control and attempted to kill Diablo. Although Dragon Man is slow-minded to the point that he is incapable of speech, he understands orders given by Diablo and is a determined foe of the Fantastic Four (although the creature has always displayed a King Kong-like affection towards Sue Richards). Dragon Man is not especially malicious, although he is easily manipulated and provoked to violence. After his first activation, Dragon Man was later revived. He encountered Medusa and Gorgon, and fought the Thing and Human Torch. Dragon Man was later studied by Hank Pym at his laboratory. He was restored to life again by Diablo and was defeated by Pym as Goliath and escaped. Dragon Man battled Hercules and the Avengers destroyed Diablo's army of Dragon Men. Dragon Man was once found by the original X-Men and was considered an unofficial mascot of sorts. After a period of time on the team where he developed a deep affection for Jean Grey, Dragon Man had to be released to the creature filled island known in the Marvel Universe as Monster Island.

Media[edit | edit source]

  • Dragon Man appears in the 1978 Fantastic Four TV series. This version was an android built for good by Professor Gilbert before its controls were stolen by his assistant George. With info from Professor Gilbert, the Fantastic Four used the cold to stop Dragon Man.
  • Dragon Man appears in the Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes episode "Frightful". This version had been heavily re-imagined and is a member of Wizard's Frightful Four. While still a robot, Dragon Man is more human-shaped, has grey skin and large teeth, and his wings are part of his arms.
  • Dragon Man appears in Ultimate Spider-Man. This version was created by Doctor Octopus. Dragon Man makes a cameo appearance during the beginning of the episode "Venom" where it was unleashed by Doctor Octopus to fight Spider-Man. In the episode "Back in Black", Dragon Man is unleashed by Doctor Octopus to attack Mid-Town twice where he is taken down by the mysterious black-suited Spider-Man both times. Dragon Man later attacks Spider-Man until the black-suited Spider-Man arrives and defeats Dragon Man a third time.
  • Dragon Man appears as a mini-boss in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. He is shown enslaved to the Mandarin. He is optional to fight because players can avoid him. A VS simulation disk has the heroes fighting Dragon Man on the Skrull homeworld.
  • Dragon Man appears in Marvel Heroes.
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