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Real Name
First Appearance
Dynomutt, Dog Wonder, "Everyone Hyde!" (September 11, 1976)
Character Created
Joe Ruby, Ken Spears
Team Affliation
The Scooby Doobies
Dog Wonder
Base of Operations
Big City
Mechanically enhanced
Skills and Abilities
Tools and Weapons
Various devices installed in his body

Dynomutt, Dog Wonder, is a superhero from the animated series of the same name and sidekick to the superhero Blue Falcon.

Dynomutt is voiced by Frank Welker.


No origin for Dynomutt or his powers has ever been provided, though it is implied that he was created somewhere, presumably by the secret agent group F.O.C.U.S.


Though it is unknown where Dynomutt came from, it is known that in his duel identity, he is the beloved pet of millionaire socialite art dealer Radley Crown, who is secretly the superhero Blue Falcon, in Big City. The two live in Crown's penthouse, which also has a secret lair hidden within, which they use in the pursuit of justice. The two answer to the secret agency known as F.O.C.U.S. and receive missions directly from its leader F.O.C.U.S. One.

Though the achievements of Falcon and Dynomutt have them beloved as the city's top crime fighters, often Dynomutt's cyborg powers malfunction, often leading to Falcon berating his sidekick (often calling him Dog Blunder). However, despite these setbacks, the two never fail to save the day in the end. Early in their career, Falcon and Dynomutt had several team ups with the mystery solving teens Mystery, Inc., though most of the time were able to win the day without outside aid.

Dynomutt would later join the Laff-A-Lympics, a sporting event featuring a large number of Hanna Barbera's characters with three major teams: the Yogi Yahooeys (made up of comedic characters), the Really Rottens (made up of villains and ne'er-do-wells) and the Scooby Doobies (made up of crime fighters), the last of which Dynomutt was a member.

Since then, Dyno-Mutt has appeared in other the following TV series.

  • Note that the following appearances are probably not considered canonical with the original series or with each individual appearance

Dexter's Laboratory[]

Dynomutt would later be nearly destroyed and boy genius Dexter would create a replacement with a much more powerful model named Dynomutt X-9. However, the new Dynomutt turned out to be overzealous about crime fighting and the original Dynomutt had to stop him in his own style.

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law[]

Dynomutt would later appear as the assistant to the superhero lawyer Blue Falcone (who may or may not be Blue Falcone with an accent), who worked in the law offices of Sebben & Sebben. Harvey Birdman, another lawyer in Sebben & Sebben, became jealous of the popularity and success Blue Falcone and Dynomutt gained in a short time in the company. During a specifically stressful day, Harvey was discovered near the destroyed body of Dynomutt, leading people to believe Harvey murdered him. Harvey was sent to prison and upon his release it was reveal that it was all part of an elaborate surprise party prank for Harvey and that Dynomutt was fine.

Scooby Doo: Mystery Inc.[]

Dynomutt appears with a much more aggressive Blue Falcon to help the crime solving teens of Mystery Inc. discover a mysterious secret within a large corporation.


Dynomutt is very clumsy but he is always enthusiastic and eager to please. His antics often cause Blue Falcon frustration as accident prone as he is, but he always proves himself by the end of an adventure.


Mechanical Physiology - Dynomutt's powers originate from his mechanical tools, though it hasn't been confirmed whether he is simply a robot or a cyborg.


Dynomutt has a large variety of crime fighting tools built into his body. Some of them include:

Propeller - Dynomutt can produce a propeller from his body and use it to fly.

Extending Neck and Limbs - Dynomutt has limbs and a neck that can extend rather far, which he can use to make himself taller, though sometimes these limbs get tangled up.

Spring Limbs - In addition to limbs that simply extend, his legs can also turn into springs allowing him to make fantastical bounds.

Appearances and References in Other Media[]

Comic Book Appearances[]

  • Dyno-Mutt appeared in his own self-titled comic book in the 70's published by Marvel Comics.  In addition, he also appeared in every issue of Laff-A-Lympics and one issue of Scooby-Doo, both published by Marvel Comics at the time.
  • Dyno-Mutt appeared in a DC Comics special Super Sons/Dynomutt in which he and Blue Falcon team up with Robin and Superboy.

Television Appearances[]

  • Dynomutt makes a cameo in the animated TV series 2 Stupid Dogs in the Super Secret Secret Squirell cartoon "Agent Penny".
  • Dynomutt appears in the animated sketch comedy show Robot Chicken in the episode "Ban on the Fun".
  • In the direct-to-dvd animated film Scooby Doo: The Mask of the Blue Falcon, where in Scooby Doo and Mystery Incorporated solve a mystery involving a new Blue Falcon and Dynomutt movie.

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