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DC Comics
Notable Characters
Superman (Golden Age), Batman (Golden Age), Wonder Woman (Golden Age), The Justice Society of America, Power Girl, Infinity, Inc.

Earth-2 (AKA Earth-Two) is a alternate universe in the DC Multiverse, in which the heroes of the Golden Age have lived on and grown older.  Earth-Two was the original DC Universe in the Golden Age (from the late 30's to the mid-50's).  The characters weren't originally intended to inhabit the same continuity but over time the characters met, most notably in the first Justice Society of America stories.



Earth-Two is a universe born in the multiverse at a similar time to Earth-One, a sister universe that would become closely tied with it.

Though there were super-powered beings for the longest time, the superhumans (and superheroes) first emerged during the depression.  The first truly notable one was Superman, a young man who began his career by fighting crime in Metropolis, with a big focus on social injustice, fighting slum lords, abusive husbands and lobbyists.  Soon, other heroes such as Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash and the Green Lantern emerged, using their powers to fight criminals.  Many of these heroes came together as a superhero team known as the Justice Society of America.

A large number of these heroes emerged prior to America's involvement in World War II.  This resulted in many of the superheroes of the time battling fifth columnists and spies for the Axis powers.  Many of them fought the Axis powers directly, which consisted not only of the same Axis nations of the real world but also smaller, obscure nations such as Dukalia,  Napkan, Nural, Oxnalia, Syronia, Toran, and Twerpan.  Any references to these nations following America's entry into World War II are completely missing.

As time went on and the superheroes aged, many of their children became heroes themselves.  Superman was largely retired, living out most of his life in his civilian identity as Clark Kent and editor of the Daily Planet, a major metropolitan newspaper.  Batman married his former for Catwoman and together they had a daughter, Helena Wayne, who became the heroine The Huntress.