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Real Name
First Appearance
Adventure Comics (Vol. 1) #352 (January, 1967) [alluded to], 52 #20 (November, 2006) [physical appearance]
Jim Shooter [alluded to, Emerald Eye creator], Curt Swan [alluded to, Emerald Eye creator], Geoff Johns, Chris Batista
Team Affliations
The Green Lantern Corps
Base of Operations
Able to create beams and constructs of pure energy, Mind Control
Skills and Abilities
Tools and Weapons
Green Lantern

Ekron is a large Green Lantern Corps member in the DC Universe and is known for having his eye transformed into the power artifact The Eye of Ekron.


Not much is known of Ekron, save that he may have been created by the Guardians of the Universe.


The history of the entity known as Ekron is unknown, save that he is a member of the Green Lantern Corps, is very powerful and was possibly created by the Guardians of the Universe, the ancient race that have dedicated themselves defending the universe with their cosmic powers.  It is also unknown if he had a complete body but more recently, he was a giant disembodied head who protects the sector of space that the planet Vengar is located in.  Its eye (known as the Emerald Eye of Ekron) possess the same powers as a Green Lantern and may be easier to use and in the distant future seems destined to become seperated from him and becomes coveted by evil forces.

When Lobo, an immoral bounty hunter, was tasked with stealing his eye, he succeeded, allowing the evil Lady Styx to begin her seemingly inevitable galactic conquest.  When Styx destroyed the entire sector of space he was charged with protecting, Ekron went completely insane.  Eventually, Ekron found himself in an uneasy alliance with Lobo, as well as with the superheroes Adam Strange, Animal Man and Starfire, in order to stop Lady Styx. Ekron's Eye was later used to defeat Lady Styx.  Ekron, along with several novice Green Lanterns, was killed by the villain known as Zardor.

The Emerald Eye of Ekron, however, would go on to be a powerful and sought after weapon, even in the distant future. The new owner adopted the name of Empress Emerald.


The full extent of Ekron's capabilities have yet to be revealed, though there are certainly some things about him that are known.

Alien Physiology - Ekron is of alien physiology and may have been genetically engineered by by the entities known as the Guardians of the Universe.

Hard Light Constructs Generation - By channeling will power into his Green Lantern Ring, Ekron is able to generate green solid light.