El Santo

El Santo

Real Name
No information
First Appearance
September 23, 1917 (Birth)

1934-35 (Debut as wrestler) 1942 (as El Santo)

Sensacional de Luchas (In fiction, as hero, exact issue and date unknown)
Rodolfo Guzman Hueta
Team Affliation
Rudy Guzmán, El Hombre Rojo, El Demonio Negro, El Murcielago II
Base of Operations
Mexico City
Skills and Abilities
Amazing Wrestling Abilities

El Santo (Rodolfo Guzman Hueta AKA The Man in the Silver Mask) was a famous Mexican wrestler who has appeared as a superhero in film and other media.

Biography (of character)Edit

El Santo is presented in his superhero films and media as a sort of man of mystery who appears where he is needed.  Initially he is presented as a sidekick to the luchadore hero/police officer El Incognito in his first two appearances.  His first lead role was in "Santo Vs. The Zombies", in which he appeared as a Mexican wrestler who moonlights as a superhero.