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The End League

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First Appearance
The End League #1 (January, 2008)
Rick Remender, Mat Broome
New York City
Astonishman, Soldier American, The Arachnakid, The Prairie Ghost, Codename Black, Brother Occult, Divinity, Grimwood, Blur Girl, Mother Hive, The Blue Gauntlet
Rallying Cry

The End League is a superhero team from the comic book series of the same name, fighting in a world where supervillains have taken control.


After the world's super-villains finally won, the remaining heroes banded together as a team as a last ditch effort to turn the tide and defeat the forces of evil.


The Dawn of the End[]

In 1962, the superhero Astonishman was tricked into attacking what he thought was a nuclear base controlled by the Russians but was in fact an alien outpost created with the intent of aiding the people of Earth. The act caused the Earth to be tilted off it's access, which in turn caused the death of three billion people. It also resulted in the world to be bombarded by cosmic radiation due to the destruction of the magneto-sphere, which resulted a ten thousandth of the remaining population to gain superpowers.

In an attempt to protect the world and right the wrongs he was tricked into committing, Astonishman formed a new team called the Squadron of Righteousness and spent much of the time battling the man who tricked him to begin with (now named Dead Lexington). However, Dead Lexington, after many years of war with the Squadron of Righteousness was able to assemble the team's greatest enemies and coordinate an attack that defeated the superhero community and allowed Lexington to take over.

After Lexington's victory, the remaining heroes formed a team, the End League, in an attempt to take back the Earth. Hidden away in the Citadel of Seclusion, Astonishman's secret base, and voewed to find Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor that they believe can turn the tide against evil.

Twelve Years Later[]

After 12 years, the war took a toll on the heroes, leaving many starving in a barren wasteland.  For this reason, they were forced to make a dangerous raid on a food facility run by the villain the Sinister Scarecrow, using a select few chosen by Astonishman.