First Appearance
Excalibur Special Edition (1987)
Chris Claremont, Alan Davis
The Lake House (Empress Matilda Docks, Rotherhithe), Lighthouse, Braddock Manor, Muir Isle
Captain Britain, Black Knight, Cerise, Colossus, Daytripper, Dazzler, Douglock/Warlock, Feron, Juggernaut, Kylun, Lockheed, Longshot, Moira MacTaggert, Meggan, Micromax, Nightcrawler, Nocturne, Phoenix (Rachel Summers), Psylocke, Sage, Shadowcat, Widget, Pete Wisdom, Wolfsbane
Rallying Cry
Vehicles and Gadgets

Excalibur is a British superhero team in the Marvel universe, made up largely of European superheroes.

Origin[edit | edit source]

When a disparate group of superheroes were brought to investigate a cosmic mystery by the entity Roma, the group decided to stay together and defend Europe as Excalibur.

History[edit | edit source]

The Sword is Drawn[edit | edit source]

The team was brought together by omnidimensional entity Roma, the daughter of Merlyn, in order to investigate the reappearance of the Phoenix, which reeked havoc across the universe the last time it appeared. The team Roma assembled included Captain Britain, Meggan, Shadowcat, and Nightcrawler, with the latter two recovering from injuries sustained during the Mutant Massacre onMuir Island. Shadowcat and Nightcrawler had believed the X-Men died following the events of The Fall of the Mutants.

When Rachel Summer (the Phoenix) had escaped from the Mojoworld (controlled by the evil despot Mojo) to London, she found herself hunted by both Mojo's forces and the forces of the Omnidimentional Majestrix named Saturnyne. With Rachel Summers joining the new team, they branded themselves Excalibur and set up a base in a lighthouse owned by Brian Braddock (Captain Britain's civilian identity).

Early Exploits[edit | edit source]

Around this time, the robot Widget had accidentally sent various people from different realities to other ones, including a UFO hunter, the despot Sat-Yr-9 and the Scottish mutant from another universe, Colin McKay. Around this time, Excalibur defeated the Juggernaut, The Crazy Gang and Arcade and goblins (during the Inferno event) and made an alliance with the Weird Happenings Organization (AKA W.H.O.), particularly Brigadier Alysande Stuart, Alistaire Stuart (her scientist brother), and Scotland Yard's Commander Dai Thomas.

Following a battle with an evil alternate reality version of Excalibur called Lightning Force, the being Widget appears before Kitty Pryde and Alistaire Stuart, creating a interdimensional portal. During a second battle with Lightning Force the seemingly inactive Widget reappears and teleported Excalibur across the multiverse.  At first, it seemed that the trip was a series of unrelated adventures but the team ended up meeting Roma, an interdimensional wizard, who reveals she was preparing the team to face an evil entity named Necrom.

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