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First Appearance
Femzine #1 (1981) [as Femme Force One]. Femforce #1 (January, 1985) [as Femforce]
Bill Black
Orlando, Florida
Ms. Victory, Garganta, Kitten, Nightviel, Colt, Buckaroo Betty
Rallying Cry
Federal Emergency Missions Force

Femforce is a superhero team from the comic book series of the same name.


Initially, formed during World War II to help fight against the Nazis, the all-female superhero team Femforce stayed together and lasted for nearly 80 years with constantly changing members.


Before the Team[]

The original Femforce team (which included She Cat, the Blue Bulleteer, Rio Rita and Miss Victory) was formed in World War II by a group of mystery women and superheroines with the purpose of helping the allies. It began when a Washington DC secretary named Joan Wayne was asked to be the assistant of Dr. Mark Benton who was doing research for a project called the Colorado Project. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt sanctioned the project in the hopes of finding ways to increase human abilities and create a new, powerful soldier for the army.  When the attacks on Pearl Harbor occured, the demand for results from the research dramatically increased.

Soon, Dr. Benton completed V-45, a chemical compound designed to turn a subject into a "fighting machine" with accelerated cellular regeneration.  When the president asked Dr. Benton to test the compound on human test subjects, but Benton refused and objected on ethical grounds.  Joan Wayne was then put in charge of the project and was given her own assistant, Octavia Howard.  Joan worked hard to finish the compound but each result came with adverse side effects.

Eventually she was able to create V-47, a new chemical compound, which she tested on herself with positive results.  She soon gained super strength and speed, which got her recruited as a new special agent for the government named Miss Victory.

Green Mist []

A mission, codenamed Green Mist, resulted in Miss Victory being teamed up with a U.S. spy named Rio Rita.  Following the success of the mission, Miss Victory and Rita ended up in pursuit of a nazi airship when they were approached by another superheroine, the Blue Bulleteer, who requested that she join them.  While in pursuit, they met the loner superhero She-Cat who joined them in defeating the Nazi forces they were after and the heroines became close.

Femforce is born[]

Sometime after, Joan Wayne was accompanying the first lady Eleanor Roosevelt when they were attacked by a group of 5th columnists.  Joan saved Mrs. Roosevelt, but in doing so revealed her true identity to her.  Grateful for Joan for saving her life, Eleanor Roosevelt pressured President Franklin Delanor Roosevelt into having Joan and the other contemporary superheroines to be recognized as national heroes.  These superheroines formed the team The Federal Emergency Missions Force or Femforce for short.

The Years That Followed[]

Following the end of World War II, Rita left the team while the remaining members operated as a police agency for the US government.  Over the course of four decades, the team had a lot of turn over, with various members joining and leaving.  New team members included Nightveil (who was actually a previous team member with a new identity), Synesthesia (who had reality warping powers) and Tara (a jungle woman) to name a few. Ms. Victory later changed her identity to "Rad" and left her post as team leader, which was taken by the gunslinging hero Colt.