Real Name
Beatriz Bonilla da Costa
First Appearance
Super Friends (Vol. 1) #25 (October, 1979) [out of continuity], Infinity, Inc. (Vol. 1) #32 (November, 1986) [in continuity]
E. Nelson Bridwell, Ramona Fradon
Team Affliations
Checkmate, Global Guardians, Justice League
B. B. da Costa, Green Fury, Green Flame, Black King's Knight
Base of Operations
Green Pyrokinesis, Ability to become a being purely composed of living green fire
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience

Fire (Beatriz De Costa) is a superhero appearing in the DC Universe and has been a member of the Justice League of America.


Beatriz Bonilla da Costa was a secret agent for Brazil and was caught in a pyroplasmic explosion that gave her fire powers, which she soon began using as the superheroine Fire.


Beatriz Bonilla da Costa's childhood is largely unknown. At some point, she was an amateur model in Rio de Janero before becoming a showgirl and stage performer.  For reasons unknown, she also became an undercover agent for the Brazilian government.  During one of her mission, she was exposed to a pyroplasmic explosion and after surviving, she discovered that she had the power to exhale green flames.

With her new powers, she took on a new identity as the superheroine The Green Fury (later changed to the Green Flame) and joined the international superhero team the Global Guardians.  However, when the superhero team known as Justice League International emerged, the United Nations, who had been bankrolling the team, cut their funding.  The Green Flame then decided that she and her follow Global Guardian Icemaiden should attempt to join the Justice League and with the Justice League being shorthanded at the time, they readily agreed.

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