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The Fly (Tommy Troy) is a superhero from the Red Circle series of comics originally published by Archie Comics.

Tommy Troy[]

The Fly

The Fly.jpg

Real Name
Thomas "Tommy" Troy
First Appearance
The Double Life of Private Strong #1 (June, 1959)
Joe Simon, Jack Kirby
Team Affliation
The Mighty Crusaders
Fly Man
Base of Operations
Capital City
Super Strength, Flight, Various Insects Powers, Size Manipulation, Insect Telepathy
Skills and Abilities
Tools and Weapons
Buzz Gun

Tommy Troy is the original character known as the Fly.


Tommy Troy was adopted by Ben and Abigail March where he discovered they were the guardians of the Fly Ring, which contained the magic of the Fly People.


Tommy Troy was once an orphan until the day he was adopted by Ben (also called Ezra) and Abigail March, who attempted to give him a normal life. One night, Tommy explored the March's attic and discovered a ring with a fly symbol on it and inadvertently summoned Turan, a member of a magic race known as the Fly People. Tommy learns that the Fly People once ruled the Earth, fighting magical battles against each other until they did so much magical damage to themselves that they were reduced to what we know as common houseflies today. However, a small number of Fly People survived by travelling to an alternate dimension and waited for a human who was "pure of heart" who would be able to fight crime and greed.

Ben and Abigail revealed that Tommy fit the prophecy and would be given the power to become a superhero named The Fly. By rubbing the ring with the fly symbol and saying "I wish I were the Fly", he would exchange bodies with an entity from another dimension in full costume and could reverse the effect simply by saying his name. With this body gain superpowers resembling those of an insect multiplied to the nth degree. Tommy would go onto protect his hometown, Capital City, well into adulthood.

He was later joined in his crusade by the superheroine Fly Girl.


When Tommy Troy becomes the Fly, he gains a number of super-powers. At first, he was only aware of four key powers:

Wall Walking - The Fly could stick to solid surfaces and climb them with ease, as well has having the physical strength to hold himself up with little difficulty.

Omnidirection Vision - The Fly was also able to see in every direction due to his fly powers, making it nearly impossible to sneak up on and allowing him to defend against attacks from all directions.

Super Agility - The Fly is also exceptionally agile, much more than when he is in his Tommy Troy form.

Master Escapist - The Fly also has the skills of an escape artist to a supernatural degree.

Channeling the Power of Insects - Later, the Fly realized he had the powers to duplicate the powers or qualities of any insect to the nth degree.

Skills and Abilities[]

Tommy Troy has notable experience in fighting crime.

Jason Troy[]

The Fly


Real Name
Jason Troy
First Appearance
The Fly (Vol. 2) #1 (August, 1991)
Mike Parobeck, Len Strazewski
Team Affiliations
The Crusaders
Base of Operations
Unnamed metropolis
Super strength, flight, wall crawling, sonic blasts
Skills and Abilities
Novice Fighter
Goggles, Amulet

Jason Troy was a person who took on the mantle of the Fly in the Impact Comics Universe.


Jason Troy was given a magic pendant by his teacher, who then mysteriously disappeared. Jason then discovered that he is a superhero named The Fly.


Much of Jason Troy's home life is left unknown. He is first seen as a 12 year old boy who, when being punished for playing video games in class, is tasked by his mythology teacher, Mr. Abin, to create his own hero based on a fly.  Jason succeeds and Mr. Abin rewards his with a pendant of amber with a fly trapped in it.

Later, Jason was surprised when the ring turns him into the Fly in real life, with all the powers and abilities he imagined for him such as flight, super strength, wall crawling and sonic blasts.  Jason used his powers to defeat a villain named Burnout and reverted to his original body shortly after his victory.  The Fly went on to fight other villains, including a criminal genius named Arachnus.

He eventually joined the superhero team known as the Crusaders, long with heroes the Jaguar, the Web and the Shield.