The Forever People

Forever People.jpg

First Appearance
Forever People #1 (February–March, 1971)
Jack Kirby
Beautiful Dreamer, Big Bear, Infinity-Man, Mark Moonrider, Serifan, Vykin
Rallying Cry

The Forever People are a superhero team in the DC Universe and are all young New Gods travelling the Earth.

Origin[edit | edit source]

The Forever People were children from different points in Earth's history gathered by the Highfather of the planet New Genesis to be raised their. When the girl called Beautiful Dreamer was abducted, the Forever People arrived on Earth to rescue her and decided to remain to explore the planet.

History[edit | edit source]

On the planet of New Genesis, a world that was the home to the New Gods, the leader Highfather decided to perform a social experiment.  He chose five children born at different points in the history of the planet Earth and brought them to New Genesis to be raised as New Gods.  The children grew up together and became close friends, referring to themselves as the Forever People.

New Genesis had an eternal enemy in the dark god Darkseid from the world of Apokalips.  Darkseid, believing the Forever People member Beautiful Dreamer held the secret to the mysterious Anti-Life Equation, kidnapped her and held her on Earth.  The other Forever People, wanting to save their friend, travelled to Earth and began a quest to find her.

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