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Frankenstein DC

Real Name
First Appearance
Seven Soldiers: Frankenstein #1 (January, 2006)
Grant Morrison, Doug Mahnke, Mary Shelley (original character)
Team Affiliations
S.H.A.D.E., Justice League Dark, Seven Soldiers, Creature Commandos
Base of Operations
The Ant Farm
Super Strength, Super Endurance, Zombie Physiology, Immortality
Skills and Abilities
Skilled Swordsman, Skilled Marksman, Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant
Michael's Sword, Steam Gun

Frankenstein is the name of several DC characters based on the Mary Shelly character (both the scientist and the monster) and most notably the interpretation created by Grant Morrison for his Seven Soldiers series.


When Doctor Victor Frankenstein decided he wanted to create life, he created a living human out of the parts of corpses.  The creature was given sentience, but after being rejected by his master, he swore vengeance on him.  Later, he found his vengeance unfullfilled as he died chasing him and wandered alone for many years.  Eventually, he discovered a conspiracy by a strange, evil force and decided to use his powers to fight against it, taking his father's name: Frankenstein.


Doctor Victor Frankenstein, a brilliant scientist, was obsessed with the idea of creating life.  To this end, he created a monster made of corpse parts and was able to imbue it with life, but suddenly abandoned it when he was horrified with the results.  The monster grew and learn without a parental figure with the mind of a giant child and surviving threw strength and instinct. The monster was abandoned by its creator and wandered the world lost and alone.