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Freedom Beast

Freedom Beast.jpg

Real Name
Dominic Mndawe
First Appearance
Animal Man (Vol. 1) #13 (July, 1989)
Grant Morrison
Team Affliations
The Global Guardians
Base of Operations
Cape Town, South Africa
Mind control, super strength, healing factor, and the ability to fuse any two animals to make a powerful chimera
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience
Helmet, Elixer

Freedom Beast is a superhero in the DC Universe and the successor to B'wana Beast.


An opponent of Apartheid in South Africa, Dominic Mndawe was gifted a magic elixir and helmet by the B'Wana Beast.


Dominic Mndawe's past and family life remains largely unknown, though it is known he was born in Cape Town, South Africa.  Growing up during Apartheid, Dominic grew up with a strong sense of social justice.  When he was arrested and threatened with death for taking pictures of racially motivated violence committed by white police officers, he was rescued by the superheroes Animal Man and B'wana Beast.

B'Wana Beast saw within Dominic the ability to do good ways in ways he could not and gave him the source of his powers: his magic elixir and helmet.  In honor of his predecessor and his cause, he began calling himself Freedom Beast and dedicated himself for fighting white corruption and brutality in South Africa.

Animal Man and the Freedom Beast teamed up again years later to defend South Africa's animals from demon invaders.  Freedom Beast went on to join the Global Guardians, a superhero team made up of superheroes from across the world. Later, the Guardians became mind controlled by The Faceless Hunter, but were returned to their right mindset after the Hunter was defeated.