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Real Name
Eugene Patilio
First Appearance
Marvel Team-Up #121 (September, 1982)
J. M. DeMatteis
Team Affiliations
Action Pack, Misfits
Eugene Colorito, Frogicus Mega-Foolicus, Kermit, Frog-Man Jr
Base of Operations
New York City
Super Leaping (granted by Frog Suit), Increased Physical Endurance (granted by Frog Suit)
Skills and Abilities
Limited fighting experience
Frog Suit

Frog-Man is a well-meaning but often bungling superhero in the Marvel Universe and is the son of the supervillain Leap-Frog.


Eugene Patilio was the son of the supervillain Leap-Frog, who had since reformed and retired. Eugene, deciding to clean up the family name decided to use his father's old superhero suit to fight crime as Frog-Man.


Eugene Patilio was born the son of Vincent and Rose Patilio. In his early career, Vincent was once a low-level villain who went by the name Leap-Frog and committed crimes using special spring-loaded shoes. After being defeated by a Daredevil, Vincent went to jail forcing Rose to become the family's breadwinner. When Rose died of cancer, Vincent once more had to support the family, forcing him to get a job selling inferior merchandise in Manhattan's East Side. Though Vincent was able to afford rent for him and his son, they couldn't afford much else. To help support the family, Eugene got an afterschool job, which left him with little time for studies or recreation.

One day, Eugene found his father's old Leap-Frog suit in a closet and took it to his room to try it on. Believing that it would help his father get over his past shame, Eugene decided to use the suit to fight crime as a symbol of good. After accidentilly defeating the supervillain Speed Demon with his special suit, Eugene dubbed himself the Fabulous Frog-Man.

Though Eugene's father was proud of his defeat of Speed Demon, he was unhappy with his son's continuing choice to become a superhero. As Frog-Man, he clumsily gave an assist to Captain America and even tried to join the Defenders, though was rejected. At Spider-Man's encouragement he formed a superhero team with the awkward Spider-Kid and the former villain The Toad to form a team called the Misfits, though they disbanded shortly after their formation.

Later he was captured by the son of the villain Kraven the Hunter, who was catching animal themed heroes and villains and hunting them for pleasure. Frog-Man was saved by the Punisher but Kraven's son managed to escape. Following the passing of the Super-Hero Registration Act that made it illegal for superheroes to operate without government oversight, Frog-Man enlisted and was made a member of the Kentucky superhero team the Action Pack. In fact, during this time, Eugene was kidnapped and replaced with an infiltrator from the shapeshifting alien race the Skrulls who were intent on conquering the Earth.


Cameo in Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes.