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Fuzzy Limpkins

Fuzzy Lumpkins.jpg

Real name
Fuzzy Lumpkins
First Appearance
What a Cartoon!, "Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins"
Craig McCracken
Team Affliation
The Beat-Alls
Base of Operations
The City of Townsville
Super Strength When Angered
Skills and Abilities
Experienced in use of a blunderbuss. He also was somehow capable of creating a Meat Gun despite seeming rather dimwitted
Tools and Weapons
Blunderbuss (though it is rarely used in combat, more for scaring off intruders or blasting small animals and leaves that land on his property), Meat Gun

Fuzzy Lumpkins is a recurring supervillain in the animated TV series The Powerpuff Girls.

Fuzzy Lumpkins is voiced by Jim Cummings


No origin is ever provided for Lumpy or even what kind of creature he is (the latter mystery even being the subject of an episode).


Fuzzy Lumpkins past is largely unknown, as is what kind of creature he is due to his pink fur and antenna (though when enraged he turns brown or red and begins to look a bit like an angry bear).  What is known is that for a long time he lived in his humble cabin in the forests of the City of Townsville and prefers to be left alone whenever possible.

He first faced the Powerpuff Girls after he went on a rampage with his specially designed Meat Gun (which was capable of turning anything into meat) when he failed to win the Townsville Jam Competition with his Meat Jam. After hitting Bubbles hair with the gun (turning one of her pigtails into a chicken drumstick) Bubbles went berserk, beat up Fuzzy and blasted him with his own gun, turning him into a hamburger. [Powerpuff Girls, "Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins"]

Fuzzy later rampages into Townsville once more after finding a squirrel on his property and chases it into town, only to get involved in a motor accident that causes him to drop some of his property.  When the people of Townsville try to get give Fuzzy his property back, he goes into a rage after seeing people touching his things and wreaks havoc in downtown Townsville.  The Powerpuff Girls chase Fuzzy down to his home where they defeat him by threatening his property and teaching him to leave the city alone.

Later Fuzzy is one of many villains who are prank called by the Gangreen Gang, only to get revenge on them when they find out they've been had.

Fuzzy later reappeared when he accidentally becomes the Mayor of the City of Townsville, which immediately leads him to becoming corrupted by the power of office.  However, when the original Mayor engaged Fuzzy in a wrestling match with the title of mayor as the prize, the Mayor ended up gaining a surprise victory when his love for his mayor's hat gave him the drive to completely defeat Fuzzy.

Some time after, Fuzzy appeared as one of Buttercup's victims when she started stealing the teeth of villains in exchange for cash. Afterwards, he and the other villains got revenge on Buttercup, giving her some just desserts.

Meet the Beat-Alls[]

Fuzzy, Mojo Jojo, Princess Morbucks and Him individually grow frustrated with their defeat at the hands of the girls and they all travel to their house to give them a piece of their minds, each unaware that the others have the same intent.  When they all arrive in the dead of night, they begin to have a very loud argument over who gets to destroy the girls, unintentionally awakening them.  Soon, the villains end up teaming up on the girls after discovering that they are much stronger as a team than as individuals.

Calling themselves the Beat-Alls, the team routinely defeated the girls during various acts of crime and destruction, with Lumpy "providing the rock" (a literal rock he would crush the girls with when they were at their weakest),  However, the girls, with advice from Professor Utonium, came up with a plan to break up the group, which eventually succeeded.

Shotgun Wedding[]

When Professor Utonium attempted to learn more about what species of creature Fuzzy is, he accidentally fell in a pile of mud and flowers, making him resemble a creature like Fuzzy.  Fuzzy, incorrectly assuming the Professor was one of his kind, attempted to marry him, forcing the Powerpuff Girls to rescue the Professor from Fuzzy and his extended family, who were attending the wedding.  During the battle, the outfit of mud and flowers slipped off, which Fuzzy then picked up and married.

Roughing It Up[]

When the Powerpuff Girls took a camping trip with the Professor, they ran afoul Fuzzy again, this time vacationing with his three nephews.  This results in a rivalry between the two families.

Tiara Trouble[]

Fuzzy Lumpkins was most recently seen, among other villains, trying to win a tiara at a beauty pagent.  Since then, Fuzzy Lumpkins has made scattered appearances throughout the city.

Small World: Abra-Disaster[]

Fuzzy was last seen once again being defeated by the Powerpuff Girls.


Fuzzy protecting his property from a "trespasser".

Fuzzy Lumpkins is an extremely anti-social outcast who generally lives a hermitic life in the forest outside of Townsville.  He's insanely protective of his property and often gets violent towards anyone or anything that touches it.  Though it is not uncommon for him to enter Townsville for him to commit crimes, he usually prefers to be left alone and attacks when he perceives a wrong against him. He seems to generally be seen as naïve and not particularly clever, but at one point he had access to a "Meat Gun" a hi-tech weapon he may or may not have created.


Super Strength - Fuzzy Lumpkins is incredibly strong, often seen able to lift heavy objects such as boulders.

Transformation - When angered, Fuzzy Lumpkins changes shape for a berserker mode.  It is not entirely clear if this makes him physically stronger, but it makes him much more aggressive and dangerous than even in his normal form.

Skills and Abilities[]

Brawler - Though it is unlikely that he is trained in any particular discipline, he is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant.

Banjo Player - Fuzzy is shown to be a rather skilled banjo player.


Though Lumpkins usually relies on his brute strength, he has been seen using multiple weapons.

Meat Gun - In his first appearance, Fuzzy is shown using a meat gun, a weapon that turns anything it hits into edible meat.  The weapon has yet to reappear and it is unclear where it came from.

Blunderbuss - Though he primarily fights his opponents with his raw strength, Fuzzy has been known to use a blunderbuss, particularly in scaring trespassers off of his property.