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Gangreen Gang

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First Appearance
The Powerpuff Girls, "Buttercrush"
Craig McCracken
Ace, Big Billy, Grubber, Lil' Arturo, Snake
Rallying Cry
Vehicles and Gadgets

The Gangreen Gang is a group of low-level criminals from the animated TV series The Powerpuff Girls.


No origin is given as to how the group came together or their shared sickly green skin.


How the Gangreen Gang came together or who exactly they are has never been revealed.  When they first appear, it is established that they are infamous local criminals who have been beaten by the Powerpuff Girls on at least one previous occasion.  When they are first introduced they were being punished by the girls for their bad behavior.  However, when Ace comes to the realization that Powerpuff Girl Buttercup has a crush on him, he uses it to the Gang's advantage and manipulates her for their own benefit.  However, when the gang is caught attacking the Bubbles and Blossom behind her back, Buttercup defeats the gang single-handedly.  Later, the Gang begins making prank phone calls on the Powerpuff Girls (thanks to Grubber's flawless impersonation abilities), sending them to bother their villains when they aren't doing anything wrong.  Eventually, said villains get fed up and decide to take their plight to city hall, where they learn the Gangreen Gang were causing them trouble and beat them senseless.

Some time later, a truant officer named Jack Wednesday forced the Gangreen Gang to return to school, but unfortunately the gang's lack of education lead them to becoming students in Pokey Oaks Kindergarten.  The gang used it as an opportunity to torment the Pokey Oaks children before the Powerpuff Girls turned the tables on them.

On another occassion, gang member Big Billy is saved from a speeding train by the Girls.  As a result, Billy decided to become the Girls friend but despite his good intentions and incredible strength, he proved to be more of a nuisance than a help.  Billy was ousted from the group and returned to the Gangreen Gang to get revenge.  However, Billy instinctively saved the Girls and he and the rest of the Gangreen Gang were trounced for their trouble.

Later, the Gangreen Gang were among the villain Buttercup stole the teeth of when she realized the Tooth Fairy would give her money for teeth.  Eventually, they, along with the other villains, got revenge on Buttercup for her actions.

The Gang later attempted to raise money to buy a "Destructo-Ray" from the yardsale of villain Mojo Jojo, only to be beaten to the punch by the Mayor of Townsville

The Gangreen Gang later gained a mentor in the villain Sedusa, becoming more of a challenge for the girls as they helped her complete her objective.  However, after Sedusa's plan to gain incredible power is complete, the Gangreen Gang realize they had been used by her and decided to get revenge by assisting the Powerpuff Girls.