Real Name
First Appearance
Garfield's Pet Force
Jim Davis
Team Affliation
Garfield's Pet Force
Base of Operations
Super-Strength, Flight
Skills and Abilities
Tools and Weapons
Power Giving Serum

Garzooka is the superhero version of Garfield from the animated film Garfield's Pet Force.

Garzooka is voiced by Frank Welker.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Garzooka was born when a fictional version of Garfield from another universe gave him the same super-powered and charged him with protecting his world.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Garzooka was a comic book character created by Jon Arbuckle based on his cat Garfield.  Unlike the lazy cat he is based on, Garzooka is a dynamic and heroic leader of the superhero team Pet Force. In the comic, Garzooka defends the benign Emperor John, ruler of the planet Dorkon.  In one story, the villain Vetvix devised a plot to take over Dorkon with a plan so close to succeeding that Garzooka needed to escape the pages of his comic book to seek help.

Leaving into the real world, he found the animals who were the basis for his friends in the comic book world.  Garzooka asked for their help and giving them a magic formula, allowed them to transform into doppelgangers of his superhero companions, complete with super-powers. Together, they travelled to Dorkon to save it from Vetvix.

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