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Gemini is the name of several villains in the Marvel universe, most of which belong to the evil organization Zodiac.  Like all members of Zodiac, Gemini has powers and abilities related to the star sign he is named after, though not all of them share the same powers.  In fact, despite the name and theme, very few of them are connected beyond the name and team affliations. That said, duality and brotherhood are almost invariably related to the kinds of powers or tactics that Gemini uses.  

Joshua Link[]

Gemini I


Real Name
Joshua Link
First Appearance
Avengers #72 (January, 1970)
Roy Thomas, Sal Buscema
Team Affliations
Base of Operations
Boston, Massachusetts
Psychic Link With Brother, Able to Control his brother, Able to Augment his own strength with his brothers'
Skills and Abilities
Crimelord Experience

As a child, Joshua Link became involved with some other bad kids and slowly became a criminal, starting with small crimes such as robbing a grocery store and mugging others for money and valuables.  His criminal friends got involved with worse crimes and he followed, which lead to him being thrown out of his own house by his father.  As Joshua continued on his criminal activities, his twin brother Damien became a police officer and had, at this point, cut all ties with his brother.

While transporting stolen property from the Futura Research Factory, Joshua and his accomplices when intercepted by Officer Damien Link and his partner.  Joshua's partners got the drop on the cops and in the ensuing fight, the Link brothers were knocked into a chamber and were bombarded with experimental rays while holding each other's hands.  At this point, a psychic link was created between them, though they did not know it at the time.  The criminals opened the chamber and carried off Joshua while murdering Damien's partner and leaving Damien for dead.

48 hours later, Damien awoke and told the police that his brother was responsible.  Believing that this knowedge would get them caught, Joshua's accomplices tried to murder Joshua.  Joshua survived and cried out for his brother, not realizing that he was summoning him with his new psychic abilities.  Damien came to his rescue and, with his natural physical abilities doubled due to their strange link, was able to quick dispatch the criminals and save his brother.  He then had his brother arrested for his crimes, after which Joshua was sent to prison.  While in prison, Joshua began to understand the nature of the link, taking control of his brother and manipulating him for his own benefit.

Later, Joshua found himself recruited, along with 11 other criminals with special skills and abilities, by the mysterious Taurus to form the Zodiac cartel, with each member being based in a different city to work towards economic and political world conquest.  Joshua was put in charge of the Boston, Massachusetts branch of Zodiac and used Zodiac resources to build a criminal empire for the purposes of working towards Zodiac's main goal.  Due to Taurus strange strategy, he relinquished control to other members for the dates that fall on that members star sign, meaning that Gemini was in charge of Zodiac for the period of May 22-June 21 each year he was a member.

Later, Scorpio defeated the Avengers and brought them to him and the other Zodiac members so they could execute them.  However, it was revealed that Scorpio was Nick Fury in disguise in order to trap the Zodiac members, though once Scorpio was revealed, the members of Zodiac escaped.

Gemini II (Android)[]

Gemini III (Agent of Epcliptic)[]

Gemini IV (Agent of Thanos)[]

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