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First Appearance
Deathmate Black, (September 1993)
Jim Lee, Brandon Choi
Mobile (originally La Jolla, California)
Team Members
Fairchild (leader), Burnout, Grunge, Freefall, Rainmaker
Rallying Cry
Team Alias
Generation 13

Gen13 is a teen superhero team in the WildStorm Universe of comics.


Gen13 is a group of genetically altered teenagers who use their powers to fight those who would want to control them.


First Incarnation[]

The team's first incarnation, minus Freefall (Roxy)

The first Gen13's team origins stretch back to another team: the government military superhero team known as Team 7 that worked for the organization International Operations (AKA I/O). The director of International Operations, Miles Craven, wanted to create a new form of super-soldier and tested it by sending Team 7 on a suicide mission while dousing them with a chemical known as Gen-factor, which is supposed to give humans superpowers.

Years later, a group of teenagers are granted "government internships" by I/O, only to discover that they are the Gen-Active offspring of the members of Team 7. When they learned that this was a trap to turn them into I/O's own soldiers, the teens (Caitlin Fairchild, Roxy Spaulding, Grunge, and Burnout), they made an escape, but learned that Threshold was a traitor and found themselves imprisoned by I/O. The finally escape thanks to the help of the monster known as Pitt and a former member of Team 7 named John Lynch. When freed, the teens relocated themselves to La Jolla, California and formed a team in order to oppose I/O and their own teen super-group DV8. John Lynch led them as a team and provided a mentor figure for them, and they took the name Gen13, for being the 13th generation of Americans). Later, the team was joined by another member named Rainmaker.

As the team had more adventures, member Burnout learned that the team's mentor John Lynch was actually his father, Rainmaker revealed she was bi-sexual and Freefall and Grunge became a couple. After many adventures, the team was seemingly killed by a 6 megaton bomb, with group leader Fairchild being the only survivor and becoming the mentor to a new team. Later, Fairchild discovered that the original team was still alive and that the bomb actually placed them in an alternate reality that was identical up to the point of the bomb's detonation. Eventually, the group were finally reunited and walked off into the sunset.

WildStorm Reborn[]

After the recreation of the WildStorm Universe, the history of the team was rewritten. The members of Gen13 were born from the genetic engineering of the corporation Tabula Rosa. Created by Doctor Cross, the teens were created as personal slaves, bodyguards, and assassins for the incredibly wealthy, though were kept secret from most of society (the name now comes from the 13th generation of genetically engineered teens). Though the teens believed they were normal teens, they learned the truth about their origins when they are taken from their parents, who were in fact Tabula Rosa employees. Eventually, the teens escape from Tabula Rosa but are soon persuaded by them and I/O, their parent corporation. Soon these teens banded together as Gen13 to remain out of the reach of I/O and oppose them at every opportunity.

Later on, Gen 13 escaped I/O in one of their teleporters during a mission, only to find themselves propelled into the near future, only to find that the world had ended. They then worked together to survive on a dying world, until the timeline/universe was rewritten once more and merged with the new DC Universe.

DC Universe[]

The original Gen13 line-up briefly debuted in the DC Universe, though have not been seen since. 


Core Members[]

  • John Lynch - The team's mentor and father figure, who has taken on the task to teach them to use their powers and to protect themselves from their enemies.
  • Caitlin Fairchild - The team's straight-laced leader with super-human strength.
  • Burnout - A member of the team with the power of controlling fire who is the team's most sensitive member.
  • Freefall - A young woman with the power to control gravity. She starts a relationship with teammate Grunge.
  • Grunge - The team's fun loving member with super-strength and endurance. Ends up in a relationship with Freefall.
  • Rainmaker - Rainmaker joined the team later but became an important member and a close friend.

Friends and Allies[]

  • Queelocke - A rodent-like alien who became the team's pet.
  • Anna - Anna is an android that acts as the teams housekeeper and guardian.

Later Members[]

After most of the original team was seemingly killed, Caitlin Fairchild put together a new team of Gen-Active teens.

  • Ethan York - A member of the new Gen 13 team capable of healing others by taking physical damage onto itself, then healing it.
  • Gwendolyne Matsura - A member capable of bringing her dragon tattoo to life.

Gen 14[]

Gen 14 was a next generation team that briefly fought threats together during an apocalyptic event. They included:

  • Breakdown - A girl capable of disassembling molecules.
  • Runt - Capable of growing to colossal size.
  • Hardbody - Capable of absorbing matter and strengthening his skin
  • Windsprint - Capable of hyper-velocity.
  • Ditto - Capable of creating copies of herself.