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The Ghost

Ghost DH.jpg

Real Name
Elisa Cameron
First Appearance
Comics' Greatest World: Arcadia Week 3 (June, 1993)
Eric Luke
Team Affliations
Sentinel of Arcadia, The Lady in White, Elisa Deerlane
Base of Operations
Flight, Invisibility, Phasing, Teleportation
Skills and Abilities
Agility, Marksmanship, Stealth, High Stamina, Unarmed Combat

The Ghost is a super-heroine in the Dark Horse Universe and is one of the character who remained after the end of the original Dark Horse Universe to her own continuity.


Elisa Deerlane contained in her nanomites that allowed her to become ghost-like.  Later, she became an assassin until her memories were erased.  With few memories, she believed she really was a ghost and decided to investigate her past as "The Ghost".


Elisa Cameron was raised by her father Dan Deerlane and mother June Deerlaneand grew up with her sister Margo in the city of Arcadia.  Here father was murdered by a man named Earl Cameron when she was still four and with no one suspecting him as the killer, Earl married June some time later.  Elisa and Margo repressed the memories of their father's murder and began to believe that Earl was their birth father.

Later, June and Earl were murdered by a hitman hired by a villain named Crux.  Not long after, Elisa gained the power to enter another dimension where she met Nemo, a being she assumed to be her imaginary friend whom she would play with in the other dimension.  It wouldn't be much later until Elisa would learn Nemo was actually the embodiment of her personal demons.

When she was 17, her powers were discovered by a task force known as the Furies, who took her in and trained her in armed and unarmed combat and espionage.