The Ghost
The Ghost.jpg
Real Name
George Chance
First Appearance
Thrilling Comics #3 (April, 1940)
Richard Hughes (disputed), August Froehlich (disputed)
Team Affliations
Th Green Ghost
Base of Operations
unnamed city
Levitation, Astral projection, Invisibility
Skills and Abilities
Mastery of Magic
Tools and Weapons

The Ghost is a public domain superhero who appeared in Nedor Comics and later appeared as a character in the ABC Universe.


George Chance is an occult investigator who gain occult powers over time due to his studies and experiences.


George Chance's parentage is unrevealed. George Chance was raised by an immortal yogi who taught him various mystic powers.  After years of honing his incredible powers such as levitation and invisibility, he decided to use his gifts to become an occult investigator and fight crime.  He also met a woman named Betty, whom he married.  He fought villains as the time travelling scientist Dr. Fenton, the hypnotist Dr. Volkan and Martian invaders. During one of his adventure, he even met King Arthur and Merlin while time travelling.

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