Ghost Girl

Ghost Girl.jpg

Real Name
Wendy Hunt
First Appearance
Invaders (Vol. 1) #14 (March, 1977)
Roy Thomas, Frank Robbins
Team Affliations
Base of Operations
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience
Hologram generator

Ghost Girl (Wendy Hunt was a Scottish superhero in the Marvel Universe and a member of the Crusaders during World War II.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Ghost Girl's origin is largely unknown.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Ghost Girl's origin remains unknown.  At some point during World War II, she was given a special device by a mysterious benefactor that would allow her to cast an illusion of herself from a short distance and was encouraged to use it to fight evil with a group of heroes called the Crusaders. She and the Crusaders were later tricked into battling the superhero team in Invaders but she and the other Crusaders quit after learning their benefactor was a Nazi agent.

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