Ghost Rider

Robbie Reyes.jpg

Real Name
Roberto Reyes
First Appearance
All-New Ghost Rider #1 (March, 2014)
Felipe Smith, Tradd Moore
Team Affiliations
Avengers, Ghost Racers
Skeleton Driver, Robot Racer, La Leyenda, The Hellcharger
Base of Operations
Los Angeles
Superhuman strength and durability, Invulnerability to any kind of fire, Teleportation, Regeneration, Immortality, Ability to project regular and ethereal flame, Penance stare
Skills and Abilities
Proficient hand-to-hand combatant, Highly experienced driver
Magical Dodge Charger, Magical Chain

Robbie Reyes is the fourth supernatural hero in the modern Marvel Universe to use the identity Ghost Rider and the first to use a car rather than a motorcycle.

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