Inspector of police Clerville. Honest, clever and brave, made the hunt Diabolik his mission. Recognizes equal to his eternal enemy intelligence and moral integrity, and on several occasions have even found in alliances of circumstance. It may seem at a superficial examination, as a character tetrahedron, predictable, embalmed in the role of incorruptible cop maniacally devoted to hunting the biggest criminal of all time.  

In fact, investigating in more detail about his personality, we can find many interesting details.

In a special register dedicated to him, Ginko BEFORE DIABOLIK are told of his childhood and the beginning of his career, but also retrieve information about past incidents that have heavily influenced the character of this: from the family dramas (the origin of his adamantine honesty) to the unfortunate professional experience (which determined the propensity to act alone), from his youthful passion for engines (which explains the unfading love for the Citroen DS) disappointments sentimental (perhaps because some of his misanthropy) . All this could make a person Ginko predictable, obvious, for a linear life.  And instead the inspector is capable of incredible creative flashes.

For example, when to protect property from the greed of thieves (better: the Thief) designing complicated security systems, or when to seek deadly traps for his enemies (his enemy), or even when he has to solve complex investigations aimed at detecting and send criminals in jail (the criminals). But especially when facing mortal danger. Threatened directly demonstrates the greatest coolness (if then his view would involve the King of Terror, to address it calmly, almost with satisfaction, as stated in Diabolik, WHO ARE YOU? 1968), but is unleashed when death hangs over the innocent or his eternal bride of Altea Vallenberg.

In those cases Ginko is prepared for anything, even an alliance with its old adversary. except fall rapidly in its role as soon escaped the danger.

The reader knows that he must expect to be surprised by the brilliant Inspector Ginko, and perhaps for this character can count on a large crowd of fans in eternal, fruitless waiting to see him win against the "damned criminal ". But the defeat does not detract from his belief in justice and will continue to fight for victory, however improbable it is, without ever betraying its nature as a proper policeman. We are confident that Ginko does not turn into a  "Death Wish " or a  "French Connection ": he knows that in that case the evil would have definitely won over good.

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