Girl One

Girl One

Real Name
Sung Li
First Appearance
Top 10 #1 (September, 1999)
Alan Moore, Gene Ha
Team Affiliations
Top 10
Officer Li
Base of Operations
Chameleonic Skin, Superhuman Reflexes
Skills and Abilities
Police Training and Experience, Fighting Experience
Standard issue police ordinance (no uniform)

Girl One is a superheroine in the comic book series Top 10 and is a member of the 10th Precinct of Neopolis.


Genetically created by mad scientists, Girl One eventually joined the 10th Precinct as a police officer.


Girl One (Sung Li) was originally bio-engineered by a group of rich friends who incorporated elements of their favorite video game characters to her physical appearance and personality. This included, as the scientists were self admitted perverts, compulsive nudism; Sung Li handles her inability to wear clothing by constantly changing her skin color to distract people from the fact that she's nude. She eventually joined the Neopolis Police Department and was placed in the 10th Precinct, sometimes known as Top 10, helping them with her superhuman reflexes. Li became one of the most respected officers within the Top 10 and was well-liked amongst her peers.

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