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Real Name
Fenton Crackshell
First Appearance
Super DuckTales (TV movie)
Tad Stones (character designer)
Team Affliation
The Justice Ducks
Base of Operations
Various Metal Contraptions and Tools Can Summon Suit With a Keyword
Skills and Abilities
Accounting, Uncanny Skill in Counting

Gizmoduck (Fenton Crackshell/Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera) is a superhero who appears in the animated series DuckTales and Darkwing Duck.

Gizmoduck was voiced by Hamilton Camp in the 1987 series, by Eric Bauza for the DuckTales Remastered video game, and by Lin Manuel Miranda in the 2017 series.


Ducktales (1987)

Fenton Crackshell was a skilled but clumsy accountant who, in an effort to prove himself to his boss, Scrooge McDuck, inadvertantly activated a super suit and became the superhero Gizmoduck.


Fenton Crackshell was a literal bean counter at a bean factory, using an uncanny gift for being able to instantly count and identify the number of beans in a jar (for the purposes of having an exact amount in each container). Despite the fact that the ability he had was recognized, his name was not and Crackshell was finding the job boring and unrewarding. After seeing an ad Scrooge McDuck posted for an accountant, Fenton decides that getting this job would be a good chance to prove his worth and a chance to impress his co-worker Gandra Dee. After a failed job interview, Fenton refuses to leave until he revealed to Scrooge his ability to instantly assess the contents of his piggy bank, at which point Scrooge hires him.

When the criminal family The Beagle Boys nearly steals Scrooge's fortune (thanks to and despite the misguided planning of Fenton Crackshell), Scrooge insisted on having a robot designed for protecting his fortune. When Scrooge's inventor friend Gyro Gearloose builds an overzealous robot that won't let anybody (including Scrooge) near the money bin, Scrooge insists Gearloose build a guardian with a brain. Meanwhile, Fenton ends up losing Scrooge's most prized possession, the first dime he ever made, to the Beagle Boys, causing him to look for a way to outwit them.

After seeing Gearloose's new invention, a supersuit designed to be worn by a person to protect Scrooge's fortune, Fenton decides to take it to help him retrieve the dime. Gearloose chooses an obscure password so only a certain person can wear the suit, which turns out to be Fenton's most frequently used exclamation. Fenton activates the suit and lies to Gearloose, telling him that Scrooge hired him to be Gizmoduck, at which point Gearloose gives Gizmoduck the manual for the suit. Gizmoduck then uses his powers to defeat the Beagles and take back Scrooge's dime, but not before he accidentally drops his manual in the back seat of the Beagles car. However, when Scrooge asks for his name, he simply asks to be refered to as Gizmoduck, due to hearing Scrooge refer to Gizmoduck as much more competent than Fenton.

Gizmoduck next impresses Scrooge by defeating his malfunctioning robot guard and becomes a hero to the city after defeating the Beagle Boys yet again, but finds himself unable to impress his cantankerous mother or get close enough to Gandra Dee to talk to her. Meanwhile, Ma Beagle discovers the Gizmoduck manual and uses one of her more clever sons to create a device to override and take control of the Gizmoduck suit to gain the McDuck fortune. Soon Gizmoduck finds himself forcable turned to crime by the Beagle Boys until he and Scrooge McDuck were able to outwit the Beagle Boys and regain the fortune, only to see it (and themselves), taken by aliens.

Scrooge and Gizmoduck escaped the aliens with the gold, but during the adventure, Scrooge learned that Gizmoduck was really Fenton Crackshell.  After Scrooge saw Fenton prove himself both as Fenton and Gizmoduck against the aliens, Scrooge decided to allow Fenton to remain Gizmoduck, despite his initial misgivings.




Skills and Abilities

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