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Global Security

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First Appearance
Dexter's Laboratory, "Magnanimous"
Genndy Tartakovsky
Global Security Headquarters
Monkey, Agent Honeydew
Rallying Cry
Tools and Gadgets

Global Security is a global peacekeeping organization that appears in the Dial M for Monkey shorts on the animated TV series Dexter's Laboratory.  Global Security's uniforms and logo are a direct homage to/parody of S.H.I.E.L.D., the peacekeeping agency in the Marvel Universe.


The origins of Global Security have never been revealed


No proper history is given for the history or background of Glabal Security prior to the events presented in the show.  When they first appear, they are established as a peacekeeping force tasked with protecting the Earth from evil forces and have recruited Monkey and Agent Honeydew to do so.  Global Security has used its resources to help stop such threats as Simion though usually they are seen giving Monkey assignments and key information.

Members and Agents[]

There are a number of unnamed agents of Global Security but the ones who are named are the following.

  • Commander - The unnamed leader of Global Security who is only ever seen on a TV screen (and may, in fact, simply be an image on a screen).
  • Agent Honeydew - Honeydew is the only other named agent in Global Security and seems to be the Commander's second-in-command.
  • Monkey - It is unclear if Monkey is a direct agent of Global Security or simply assisting them.


Not much detail is given about Global Security's headquarters but it is shown to be heavily manned and features a large amount of high tech resources.


The organization is shown having access to numerous forms of equipment and resources including.

Vehicles - They are shown having high tech vehicles, including small spaceships designed to battle extraterrestrial threats as shown when battling Simion.

Weaponry - Global Security is shown as having energy weapons they use to fight threats against the Earth,