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Gorgo is a Sea Monster kaiju that first appeared in the 1961 British film Gorgo.


Gorgo, being the titular star of his debut film, bears many similarities to his mother. He has dark green skin with a lighter belly. He is relatively tall, even though he is just a child. He has a pair of small fins on the sides of his head, and also has large and powerful hands.



A large volcanic eruption near the coast of an Irish island released Gorgo from his sleep. He was soon discovered by humans, and taken to London to be put on display at a circus. It was later discovered that despite his massive size, he was only a juvenile, and the people began to worry about how large an adult would be. Soon, Gorgo's mother, Ogra, came to London to look for her child, after leaving a path of destruction through Ireland and the West of England. Even though the RAF, Navy and Army tried to defend the capital city, Ogra shrugged it off, destroying everything in her way. Once she discovered Gorgo, she rescued him, and the two monsters went back to the ocean peacefully.


  • Gorgo's skin is tough and durable, proving all but invulnerable to most damage.
  • Gorgo is equipped with sharp claws on his massive hands,with which to scratch and bash around his opponents.
  • Gorgo is an amphibious kaiju, as much at home in the water as on land.


Gorgo (comic)[]

In this series of comics produced by Charlton Comics, Gorgo appears once more, and fights a number of different enemies.


  • There was an actual prehistoric creature named Gorgosaurus, a theropod dinosaur and distant relative of Tyrannosaurus, that lived in the Late Cretaceous Period.