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Real Name
Kenneth Hale
First Appearance
Men's Adventures #26 (March, 1954)
Stan Lee, Robert Q. Sale
Team Affliations
Agents of Atlas, S.H.I.E.L.D., Howling Commandos, Department Zero, ally of the original X-Men, Explorer's Club
General Hale, Gorilla Man (no hyphen)
Base of Operations
New York City
Immortality, Human Mind in Gorilla Body
Skills and Abilities
Skilled armed and unarmed combatant
Tools and Weapons
Uses guns

Gorilla-Man is a superhero in the Marvel Universe and a member of the team Agents of Atlas.


A soldier-of-fortune obsessed with immortality, Ken Hale thought he found the answer with a mythical beast, but when he found it and killed it, he turned into an immortal and super-powered gorilla-man.


From Man to Monster[]

The youth of Ken Hale has yet to be revealed, though he was likely born in the early 20th century. Ken Hale was a soldier-of-fortune who was preoccupied with immortality so much that when he heard of a legendary "Gorilla Man", a half-gorilla creature that would grant immortality to any man able to slay it, he left his wife and child to kill it. When he finally found the beast, he found it too human and chose not to kill it. However, after attempting to leave the jungle, Ken got lost and Ken confronted by the Gorilla-Man, and Ken was forced to kill it in self-defense. Upon killing the Gorilla-Man, he transformed into the Gorilla-Man himself (with increased strength speed and immortality), unable to return to human form.


In the 1950's, he was recruited by FBI agent Jimmy Woo to join his team of special G-Men. His first mission involved saving President Ike Eisenhower from the supervillain (and Jimmy Woo's archnemesis) the Yellow Claw, which ended with the President saved and the Claw defeated (though he did escape). This team of G-Men disbanded after 6 months.

In the Fall of 1959, Gorilla-Man saved the life of a General Hill, who was being targeted by ICON, an evil government organization that formed following Operation Paperclip, which allowed former Nazis to secretly work for the government.  Hale.  Some time later, he helped a fledgeling X-Men team save their leader.  Beyond that, Gorilla-Man's activities in after that are unknown, though it is implied he had his share of adventures.