The Great Ten
Great Ten.png
First Appearance
52 #6 (June, 2006)
Grant Morrison, J. G. Jones, Joe Bennett
Great Wall Complex
Accomplished Perfect Physician, August General in Iron, Celestial Archer, Ghost Fox Killer, Immortal Man in Darkness, Mother of Champions, Seven Deadly Brothers, Shaolin Robot, Socialist Red Guardsman, Thundermind
Rallying Cry
Shi Hao Xia

The Great Ten are a Chinese superhero team in the DC Universe.


The Great Ten was formed by a Chinese government to fight for their country.


The exact details of the formation of the Great Ten remains unknown, though we know that they were brought together at the behest of the Chinese government and are China's premiere superhero team.  Despite their fame and power, they seem to constantly be impeded by the beaurocracy of their government as each time they enter combat, they first must gain government approval.

Eventually, the Chinese government entered a coalition with the nations of Kahndaq, Iran, Uzbekistan, and Pakistan to team up with Kahndaq's incredibly powerful superhuman leader Black Adam.  However, when Black Adam discovered that the Chinese government was complicit with a Science Squad who were responsible for murdering his wife and her brother, Adam looked for revenge in China, putting him on a collision course with the Great Ten.

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