Green Arrow

Green Arrow

Real Name
Oliver Jonas "Ollie" Queen
First Appearance
More Fun Comics #73 (November, 1941)
Mort Weisinger, George Papp
Team Affliations
Justice League, Queen Industries, The Outsiders, Seven Soldiers of Victory
Emerald Archer, The Battling Bowman, Former Mayor Queen, Auu Lanu Lau'ava, Poltergeist, The Arrow, The Hood
Base of Operations
Star City
Skills and Abilities
Clever strategist, trained computer hacker, Superb archer, Peak human physical and mental condition, Highly-trained martial artist, athlete, marksman, and swordsman
Tools and Weapons
Bow and Arrow, including a variety of "trick" arrows, armor, various high tech gadgets gadgets

The Green Arrow is a superhero in the DC Universe and a notable street-level vigilante.

Origin Edit

Oliver Queen was a rich playboy who accidentally ended up stranded on a deserted island.  To survive, he learned archery to survive and when he finally returned home decided to use his new skill to hunt criminals as the Green Arrow.

Green arrow

Green Arrow in his show, Arrow

Biography Edit

Golden Age (Earth-Two)Edit

Though the specifics of Oliver Queens youth have not been revealed, it is known that Queen was born to loving parents (real names unknown) during the first World War.

Oliver Queen was a multi-millionaire who was pushed off his yacht one day by someone he considered a friend. He ended up on a deserted island. Ollie managed to build a bow-and-arrow from some old generator parts, which he then used to hunt. Eventually, he got really good. He was able to get off the island when some drug smugglers mutinied and took over a cargo ship. Dressed in a leafy costume he had made on the island, and covering his eyes with a mask of grease from the anchor chain, he managed to capture the mutineers and save the crew. After turning them over to the authorities, he got a taste for crime fighting. Using his vast fortune, he began to create various trick arrows to use under his new mantle. These include the rope arrow, the electric arrow, the explosive arrow, etc. Later on, Green Arrow was joined by a younger counterpart named Speedy. Also a skilled archer, the two were a formidable team and worked together for quite awhile. Eventually, Speedy joined up with the Teen Titans East coast, and became their leader, while Green arrow stayed with the Justice League.

He was given the name, Green Arrow, by the press and soon became a member of the Justice League of America. Queen was secretly a major financial backer behind the team. Green Arrow and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) became best friends and began traveling across the country fighting crime together.

Ollie wanted to marry teammate, the Black Canary. She was hesitant due to the dangers of being superheroes. As fate would have it, Black Canary was kidnapped and brutally tortured by a crazed drug trafficker while undercover. Ollie found her beaten and, in a blind rage, shot and killed the torturer. This was the first time he had killed. The Canary lost her voice power and was unable to have children. The two would soon grow distant after this incident. Their relationship is a constant on-again, off-again situation.

Some time later, Ollie discovered he had a full grown illegitimate son, Connor Hawke, also a skilled archer. Tragedy soon broke up this newfound relationship as a plane carrying Ollie blew up over Metropolis. Connor decided to take over the mantle of the Green Arrow in his father's honor.

This wasn't the end for Ollie, though. Hal Jordan, now with his godlike powers as the Spectre, revived Ollie from the dead. After being seriously injured in an explosion during a battle with Merlyn and Doctor Light, Ollie spent several months healing. He hired the world's best martial arts masters to train him to peak physical condition. A rift was formed between Ollie and Connor when he hired the assassin named Natas (whom had trained Deathstroke the Terminator) to mentor him in the killing arts.

Then Ollie decided to try to make a difference in Star City by running for and becoming mayor. He won, and he used this position to aid in his "other" job.

TV ShowsEdit

The shows: Arrow, Justice League and Unlimited, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and Young Justice, The Flash TV show, and Smallville.

Weapons and Gadgets Edit


Grenade Arrow

Sticky Arrow

Gas Arrow

Glove Arrow

Rope Arrow

Impact Grenade Arrow

Recording Arrow

Net Arrow

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