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Green Arrow

Connor Hawke.jpg

Real Name
Connor Hawke
First Appearance
Green Arrow (Vol. 2) #0 (October, 1994)
Kelly Puckett, Jim Aparo
Team Affliations
Justice League of America
Red Arrow (Future's End)
Base of Operations
Star City
Regenerative healing factor and heightened pain threshold
Skills and Abilities
Peak of human physical condition, Master martial artist, kyudo archer, and marksman
Bow, Arrow

Connor Hawke was the son of Green Arrow in the DC Universe and took over for him after his death.


The illegitimate son of Oliver Queen, Connor Hawke was raised in a monastery and trained as a warrior in the hope that he would learn discipline. Eventually, he met his father, who completed his training (before he learned that he was his son) and when Oliver Queen was killed during a mission, Connor Hawke took his place as the Green Arrow.



Connor Hawke was born to the ex-hippie Sandra "Moonday" Hawke after conceiving him with Oliver Queen, who she learned was the superhero Green Arrow. As he grew up, he was often picked on due to his mixed heritage (Caucasian on his father's side and half-Korean/half-African American on his mother's), which caused him to become short tempered and prone to violence. Later, his mother revealed to him that he was the illegitimate son of billionaire Oliver Queen. Connor then began studying everything he could about Oliver Queen while Sandra struggled to pay the bills and deal with her short-tempered son. Sandra decided to let Connor attend school at the Ashram Monastary in the Napa Valley, the same one Oliver attended when he was young.


For the next five years, Connor was raised by Master Jansen, who was also the same monk helped Oliver Queen, in the Ashram. Over this time, Connor became a master of aikido and a skilled kyudo archer, as well as becoming a student of Buddhist philosophy, but maintained a deep fascination with his father, devouring all the material, both real and fictional, he could find regarding his biological father he could find (whuch caused Master Jensen to be certain that one day, he too would become a great hero).

Meanwhile, Oliver Queen was undergoing a personal rough patch after his girlfriend, the superheroine Black Canary left him due to his womanizing and cheating. Deciding he needed to return to his roots, he revisited the Ashram Monastery to find inner peace. Their he met Connor and though he did not recognize him as his son, Connor knew who he was (despite Oliver having shaved his iconic beard). Oliver became a mentor to the young Connor, seeing him as a boy in need of guidance, teaching him both archery skills and his personal philosophy.

Six months after Oliver returned to the monastery, an assassin came looking for him, but both Oliver and Connor were able to defeat him.  The assassin commited suicide rather than be interrogated and with few leads, Oliver decided to reconnect with his mercenary friend Eddie Fryers.