The Green Hornet


Real Name
Britt Reid
First Appearance
The Green Hornet (January 31, 1936)
George W. Trendle, Fran Striker
Team Affliations
Base of Operations
unnamed metropolis
Skills and Abilities
Hand-to-Hand Combat Expertise
Tools and Weapons
The Black Beauty

The Green Hornet is a pulp hero who debuted on the radio and was the inspiration for many later superheroes.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Most versions of the Green Hornet do not provide a clear origin, though there have been multiple versions.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Radio Series[edit | edit source]

Not much of Brit Reid's past has been exposed in the series or how he became a man of mystery, though it is known that he is the grandnephew to John Reid, the western hero known as the Lone Ranger. Brit's father was Dan Reid Jr., though who his mother was remains unknown. He became the publisher of the newpaper the Daily Sentinel and is known for his great wealth. For reasons never explained, he decided to take on another identity: that of the criminal vigilante The Green Hornet. As the Green Hornet, Brit is one of the city's most notorious criminals, but, in fact, is using his criminal facade to get closer to other criminals and defeat them. Despite the reputation he intentionally created, his crimes are largely vigilantism and accessory to crimes with the intent of breaking them up. 

To accomplish his goals, he is assisted by his Japanese valet and sidekick, Kato, who also wears a mask and is a master of the martial arts.  Kato drives the Black Beauty, the Hornet's personal vehicle.  The Green Hornet and Kato keep the Black Beauty near their shared apartment, which also has secret passages built into it in order to leave their apartment as the heroes without arousing suspicion.

At the Daily Sentinel, he worked with Bill Gunnigan, the paper's City Editor who was known for being extremely high strung and Ed Lowry, a talented reporter who respected the Hornet.  Lowry would later leave to join the armed forces and returned a year later.

One of Britt's other friends is his Lenore Case, who previously acted as the secretary to Britt's father.  She is one of the few people to admire Britt (despite his playboy exterior, which she admitted frustrated her) and the Green Hornet, whom she views as a hero. Later, Lenore revealed that she was aware of Britt's secret identity and became a close ally and part of the Hornet's inner circle.

Britt also worked with Mike Axford, a former police officer-turned-reporter who used police contacts in his job.  He also admired the Green Hornet, but was also doggedly determined to bring him to justice.  Later, Britt discovered he was secretly acting as Britt's bodyguard at the behest of Britt's father.  He stayed by his side until he was critically wounded on the job.  He survived, but was eventually called away to the West Coast for a long period.  He had rarely been seen by the Green Hornet since.

Later on, Britt would meet Police Commissioner James Higgens, a friend of his father who was being blackmailed.  After helping him out, Britt would share his secret identity with Higgens and the two would become allies in crime fighting.

TV Series[edit | edit source]

On the show, the reason he was a vigilante was because his father died in jail for a crime he didn't commit.

Film[edit | edit source]

It all began with his father owned a newspaper company and he exposed the mafia, so he go threatened while his son, Britt, was looking at his dad's bugs especially at a green hornet. His father said those son are dangerous they are from Africa, and if you see them you might wanna go the opposite direction. After years Britt became a playboy and amused himself by traveling then he traveled to Europe when the World War started where he rescued Kato from Japenese Kamikaze. Together they returned to America. There they found out that Britt's father had died then they walked into an alley where they tried to rob them, not before Kato pulled some martial arts and defeated the thugs. So Britt became the leader of his father's company and he continued his father work exposing the mafia, but he go threatened that they would kidnap the editor's daughter. He hung up and said "I'm tired of the city so corrupted and the police won't do anything. But Kato: there is another way the way of the ninja, striking from the shadows. In my country when the authorities failed to bring justice, the people took matters into their own hands". And that how the Green Hornet was born.

Equipments[edit | edit source]

A gun that electrocutes and has bullets that launch angry green hornets, a green fedora and trench coat, green mask with a hornet drawing and technology advanced car.

Movies[edit | edit source]

The Green Hornet and The Green Hornet strikes back

Famous Catchphrase[edit | edit source]

Feel the sting of the Green Hornet

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