The Green Man
Green Man.jpg
Real Name
Green Man
First Appearance
Green Lantern (vol. 2) #164 (May, 1983) [first Green Man], Green Lantern Corps: Recharge (vol. 1) #1 (November, 2005) [second Green Man]
Todd Klein [second Green Man], Dave Gibbons [first Green Man], Geoff Johns [second Green Man], Patrick Gleason [second Green Man], Mike W. Barr
Team Affliations
The Green Lantern Corps, The Omega Men
Base of Operations
Poisonous blood, Ability to create hard light constructs while using Green Lantern
Skills and Abilities
Experienced Fighter
Green Lantern Ring & Power Battery

The Green Man is a superhero in the DC Universe and a member of the Green Lantern Corps.


The nameless alien that would be known as Green Man was from a world were individuality was prohibited.  After battling the accepted anti-individualist rules of his world, the Guardians of the Universe recruited him to join the Green Lantern Corps.


The entity who would later be known as Green Man grew up and was raised on the planet Uxor, a world formed around the value of the collective population over that of the individual.  The Green Man longed for a name and an identity outside of the collective, making him an outsider on his own world.


Appears in movie Green Lantern.

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