The Guardians of the Galaxy

Original Guardians

First Appearance
Marvel Super-Heroes #18 (January, 1969)
Arnold Drake, Gene Colan
Freedom's Lady, USS Captain America
Major Victory, Charlie-27, Martinex, Yondu, Starhawk, Nikki, Aleta Ogord, Firelord, Replica, Talon, Yellowjacket, Geena Drake
Rallying Cry

The Guardians of the Galaxy are a superhero team in the distant future of the Marvel Universe, made up of intergalatic protectors who formed to stop the aliens known as the Badoon.


When the alien invaders the Badoon invade the Earth, a group of heroes is assembled by the 20th century astronaut Vance Astro to fight the Badoon and to protect the Galaxy from evil.


A Brief History of the Solar SystemEdit

In the 1990s, astronaut Vance Astro became the first human to lead a manned space flight mission into another star system. During this time, a war called the Bionic Wars culminated in western Canada being destroyed by a nuclear strike. In 1995, the Confederation of Nations had become the government for most of the Earth and, due to strong anti-mutant sentiment, a large percentage of Earth's mutants established a new home on the moon of Europa.

In 2001, the forces of Mars invaded Earth and occupied it as conquerors until their mysterious retreat in 2075. For a time afterward, the Earth was ruled by Techno-Barons, until they were dethroned around the year 2525, paving the way for a new World Federation that was set into place in the year 2553. During this century following the establishment of the World Federation, Earth began colonizing other planets in its solar system, genetically engineering the colonists to allow them to adapt to their new homes. Planets were chosen for specific purposes: Mercury became a mining colony, Jupiter was the main military installation for humans, and Pluto was for scientific expeditions. The solar system entered a golden age that would last hundreds of years.  Over a thousand years, Vance drifted through space towards the distant planet Centauri-IV, and as space travel afvanced, many humans travelled ahead of Vance and the planet was completely colonized by the time Vance arrived in the year 3006. 

The Badoon WarsEdit

In the year 3007, the solar system was invaded by the alien race known as the Badoon. During this time, Vance awoke on the planet and was sad to learn that he had accomplished little by his sacrifice and left the surveying colony to wander the planet. While wandering, Vance met Yondu, a native to the planet and one of the few remaining members of his race, as the rest were wiped out by the Badoon.  The Badoon overpowered mankind, destroying human settlements on Mercury, Jupiter, and Pluto. Finally, the Earth was invaded and swiftly defeated, resulting in the extermination of millions of humans and the enslavement of the survivors. One genetically-engineered Jovian soldier, Charlie-27, returned to his home from a tour of duty only to find it under the control of the Badoon. He escaped the Badoon through a teleportation tube and was transported to Pluto, where he met the last surviving Plutonian, a man named Martinex.

Together, they teleported to Earth to see the scope of the Badoon invasion.  The two ended up meeting Yondu and Vance, who were both kidnapped by the Badoon, and together the four escaped.  The four decided to become a resistence force and dubbed themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy, vowing to protect the galaxy from the Badoon occupation.  The team proved to be a powerful force and were often successful in battles against the Badoon.

After an Earth woman named Tarin was sent back in time to the 20th century, she decided to recruit some of that century's greatest heroes in the war against the Badoon.  To that end, she recruited superheroes The Thing, Captain America and Sharon Carter to travel with her to the future to help.  Together, these 20th Century heroes teamed up with the Guardians of the Galaxy and liberated New York City from Badoon occupancy and control.

The Guardians later learned that the Badoon previously attempted to invade Earth in the 20th Century and travelled back to that era to find a "memory tape" that could reveal why they failed and perhaps give them insight into battling them.  The Guardians were unable to obtain the tape but they did assist the superhero team the Defenders fighting a monster created by the Badoon.  Returning to the future, they gained a new member in the psychic named Starhawk and continued their war against the Badoon.

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