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The Guardians of the Globe

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First Appearance
Invincible #7 (December, 2003)
Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker
Black Samson, Bulletproof, Cast Iron, Pegasus, Monster Girl, Japandroid, Robot, Kid Thor, The Shapesmith, Knockout, Le Brusier, Best Tiger, Yeti, Kaboomerang, Outrun
A base in Utah
Rallying Cry
The Guardians

The Guardians of the Globe are a superhero team who appear in the comic book Invincible and miniseries Guarding the Globe in the Image Universe.


The exact formation of the Guardians of the Globe remain unknown, though they were funded by the members Darkwing and War Woman.


It is unknown when and how the original Guardians of the Globe formed.  It is known that the original members consisted of Omni-Man, the Immortal, War Woman, Darkwing, Aquarus, Red Rush, Black Samson, Martian Man and the Green Ghost. Together they had saved the world on multiple occasions and gained the reputation as the world's premiere superhero team.

What they did not know was that Omni-Man was actually a secret vanguard for an alien invasion with designs to conquer the Earth and make it accepting of its new alien overlords.  When he believed the time was right, Omni-Man picked off the entire Guardians of the Globe team, murdering them one by one.

Seemingly all of them were killed, including the Immortal (who was decapitated) and it was up to Invincible, Omni-Man's superhero son to stop Omni-Man.  The battle ended with Omni-Man retreating and the world being aware of Omni-Man's betrayal and plans to conquer the Earth. With the world's most famous heroes seemingly killed, a new team of Guardians of the Globe was formed to fill the void.