The Gunwitch


Real Name
The Gunwitch
First Appearance
The Nocturnals #1 (January, 1995)
Dan Brereton
Team Affliations
The Nocturnals
Base of Operations
Pacific City
Golem-like body, Super Endurance
Skills and Abilities

Gunwitch is a superhero in the comic book series the Nocturnals.  Resurrected to battle evil, the former gunslinging outlaw is equal parts scarecrow and blood-curdling zombie.

Origin[edit | edit source]

An undead golem created by Doc Horror to protect his daughter, the Gunwitch is Doc Horror's servant who helps him fight the forces of evil.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before he was recreated as the Gunwitch, he was an Arizona lawman (his true name and most of his past as yet unrevealed) who was wanted for murder and escaped to Europe in the 1870s.  While there, he made a living under a disguise as "the Six-Gun Sorceror", performing seemingly impossible trick shots for a strange and sinister carnival.  According to some, he gained his incredibly marksmanship by selling his soul to the devil.  He eventually died, for reasons as yet unrevealed.

Later, his corpse ended up in a cemetary in Pacific City, U.S.A. and ended up as an enforcer for the occultist known as the Hanging X, who controlled him with an ancient language.  In the 1980s, supernatural investigator/adventurer Doc Horror learned the legends of the Sixgun Sorceror and out of curiosity, restored him and used science to rebind his soul to his undead body.  The gunman, ressurected and with free will, found itself attached to Eve, Doc Horror's daughter, acting as a bodyguard and caretaker.  Eve named him The Gunwitch and the two developed a strong bond of friendship.

Described as equal parts scarecrow and zombie gunslinger, the Gunwitch is a silent undead golem with unerring marksmanship. Doc Horror made him as a babysitter and bodyguard for his daughter Eve, though the details of how he was made exactly have yet to be revealed. He only responds to commands in an occult language that is never given a name, and once he has a mission nothing can sway him. He serves as brute force and unmatched firepower within the Nocturnals, and has quickly become a fan favorite. Being a corpse, Gunwitch can take an unspecified amount of damage with no ill effects; one of the few times we ever see him be affected by an enemy attack is when Eve is kidnapped inNocturnals: The Witching Hour. Tiny forest sprites dust him with a magic powder that puts him to sleep, and when he is revived by Starfish and the Raccoon he appears to have taken it personally... much to the chagrin of those he discovers kidnapped Eve. He is the main character in his own miniseries called The Gunwitch: Outskirts of Doom, where he and Eve come upon a town that is torn between warring vampire gangs vying for control.

Nocturnals series where Gunwitch was invented

Powers and Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Equipment: 2 pistols a revolver and a standard pistol
  • Powers: Gunwitch can take an unspecified amount of damage with no ill effects
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