The Hall of Justice


The Super Friends
First Appearance
Super Friends, "The Power Pirate" (September 8th, 1973)
Points of Interest
Trouble-Alert Computer

The Hall of Justice was introduced as the headquarters as the Super Friends and later was the headquarters for the Justice League of America in the DC Universe.


The Super Friends ContinuityEdit

  • This section is specifically for the Hall of Justice within the continuity of the Super Friends animated series.

The creation of the Hall of Justice is never established in the Super Friends cartoon series, beyond the fact that it was created as a meeting place and headquarters for the Super Friends.  It also contains the TroublAlert, a monitoring system designed to direct the tea<m to crisis that need the help of the Super Friends.  The Super Friends are often seen holding meetings and monitoring the world in order to protect it. Around the time the Super Friends changed their name to the Super Powers Team, the Hall was given a larger, more dome-like design.

Legacy Edit

Similar foundations appear in Young Justice, The Batman and Arrowverse.

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