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Hamegg is a recurring character in the works of Osamu Tezuka and most notably the comic book series Astro Boy and animated TV series Jetter Mars.

About the character[]

Hamegg (ハムエッグ Hamueggu) is one of Tezuka's earliest villains and he also does an appearance in Jetter Mars. He also has a major role in the predecessor to the Jetter Mars series named "Astro Boy".


Hamegg appears as the main antagonist of episode 05. In the episode, Mars and Miri were going on a trip together, when they come across Hamegg and his wife Hamsalad, who was looking for people to join his robot circus.

Mars, after signing a contract, found out about how poorly Hamegg treated his robots. So when he was supposed to fight a robot, he refused to. Hamegg then ordered the big robot to punish mars by whipping him. Then a Clown Robot who met Mars before interfered, and was whipped as well.

Mars managed to put a stop to the robot, though. Saving the day, but not in time to save the clown robot. Then Miri, Dr. Yamanoue, and Dr. Kawashimo came in and took Mars away from the circus, and with that, the episode ends.

It's entirely possible that Hamegg and Hamsalad may have been arrested after this, as we don't see them for the rest of the Jetter Mars series.


  • HamEgg in Jetter Mars is rather tanned, rather than Asian.
  • This is one of the few incarnations of the character which has a wife.