Heat Man


Real Name
Heat Man
First Appearance
Mega Man 2
Akira Kitamura (game designer), Toshiyuki Kataoka (Heat Man designer)
Team Affliation
The Robot Masters
Base of Operations
Heat Level
Fire and Heat Based Powers, Robot Body
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Skills
Tools and Weapons
Atomic Fire

Heat Man is an anti-villainous robot and one of the robot masters from the video game Mega Man 2.


Inspired by a lighter, the mad scientist Dr. Wily was inspired to reinvent the robot Fire Man as Heat Man.


After Fire Man failed to kill Mega Man in his first attempt to take over the world, Dr. Wily decided to try and create an even more powerful robot. After seeing a lighter, Wily updated the Fire Man design and the result was Heat Man. He first appeared in Mega Man 2, where he was the boss of the lava level and could be defeated more easily with the weapon "Bubble Lead". He returned in Mega Man 3 in a new ghoulish body (a Doc Robot), only to be defeated once more.

Later, in the gameboy games Megaman: Dr. Wily's Revenge, The Power Battles and The Power Fighters he appears as a boss. He also is also later rebuilt by the entity Ra Moon in Super Adventure Rockman. He also appears as an antagonist multiple times in Rockman Strategy.

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