Hector Hall
Hector Hall Sandman h2.jpg
Real Name
Hector Hall
First Appearance
All-Star Squadron #25 (September, 1983)
Roy Thomas, Jerry Ordway
Team Affliations
Justice Society of America, Infinity, Inc., Sentinels of Magic
Silver Scarab, Sandman, Doctor Fate
Base of Operations
No information
Manipulated the magics of Chaos & Order
Skills and Abilities
Mastery of Magic
Tools and Weapons
The Helmet of Fate

Hector Hall is a superhero in the DC Universe who went by several identities, including the Silver Scarab, Sandman and Doctor Fate.


The son of the original Hawkman and Hawkgirl, Hector Hall decided to follow in his parents footsteps as a crimefighter and became the Silver Scarab (and later the Sandman and Dr. Fate).



Hector Hall was born to his mother Carter Hall and his mother Shiera Hall in Cairo, Egypt at the site of an archeological dig.  Carter and Shiera were the superhero duo known as Hawkman and Hawkgirl and were the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh and his wife.  It seemed their constant reincarnation was due to a curse placed on the pharaoh and his wife by the evil Hath-Set, an evil priest who lived in their kingdom.  What was unknown to them was that the curse, prophesized by the Egyptian Death God Seketh, extended to any children they might have and that if two symbols, the Silver Scarab and the Eye of Ra, met, it would be an omen for the world's end. Due to this occurrence, Hector was born without a soul, so that his body might house the Silver Scarab, an agent of vengeance summoned by Hath-Set long ago.

Hector's family would often visit the city of Feithera, a city populated by a bird-like race, where they would spend time with Norda Cantrell, a half-human/half-Feitherian who became Carter and Shiera's godchild following an adventure in Feithera.  Norda and Hector considered each other friends, but Hector harbored jealousy over his wings and the attention Carter and Shiera gave to them. Neither were aware that the two had a dark destiny ahead of them; Hector to become the incarnation of Hath-Set, his parents' sworn enemy while Norda was destined to stop him.

As a child, Hector was also a playmate of other children of members of the Justice Society, including Al Rothstein (the godson of the first Atom), Lyta Trevor (child of the Fury) and Rick Tyler (son of the Hourman)

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