The Hell Cycle is the common mode of transportation of Ghost Riders. It was created by Mephisto as the steed of his bounty hunter the Spirits of Vengeance. It is powered by Hellfire and is not affected by the natural laws of physics.Marvel Spotlight Vol 1 5

The Hell Cycle is capable of moving at incredible speeds, moving up vertical surfaces, cross bodies of water and at sometimes capable of flight. The wheels are constantly on fire, which leaves a trail along the road when moving at its incredible speeds. The Hell Cycle will follow the command of the Ghost Rider, even when he is not riding it. The bike will follow his every order.{

Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 2 

As his powers as Ghost Rider waxed and waned over the years, John Blaze has occasionally been unable to summon the Hell Cycle. Instead he relied upon the Skull Cycle, a custom made bike with no supernatural abilities.Template:R

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